Oestrogenic levels

Oestrogenic levels

Oestrogenic levels Can anyone help me, I’ve had a hormone test to find my oestrogenic levels which has come back as 1000…now I’m concerned as last year I had a FSH test which was 499…my cancer was ER+ and I am on Tamoxifen…I have had a hysterectomy [8 yrs ago] but still have my ovaries…my GP says result shows that I am still ‘‘ovulating’’…I’m concerned as obviously I don’t want a high level of oestrogen in my body…GP did also say it could be down to the time of my ‘‘cycle’’ [which I haven’t got] in relation to when the blood test was done which could make a difference to levels.
I have apt with onc., in May so will be speaking to her about this and may also ring my BCN next week to talk about it…but was wondering if anyone had any information on oestrogen levels???


Helpline and Ask the Nurse Hi Karen

Just a quick reminder that, if you don’t want to wait until May for advice, you can speak to our team on the helpline or contact the Ask the Nurse service. I am sure they’ll be able to answer some of your queries.

You can contact the free helpline by phoning 0808 800 6000. This is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and Saturday, 9am - 2pm.

If you would prefer to correspond by email you can contact our Ask the Nurse email service by going to:

on this site.

Hope you find this information useful

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