Off for Results - Fingers Crossed

I’m just off to see my consultant to get the results from my WLE & SNB. Be grateful if you’d keep fingers crossed for me <<hugs>>


am crossing everything, good luck.


Fingers and toes crossed.

Good luck.


Everything crossed - wishing you the very best of luck!

Jane xxx

Chris, I’m jealous! :wink: Good luck, everything crossed.

(My BCN will see me this afternoon so I’ll be half way up the walls by then!)

Very best of luck Choccie and Chris.

Best of luck to both of you, I’ve got fingers and toes crossed xx

Good Luck and keeping everything crossed for you : )

Donna xx

The torture continues - phone call from BCN at 1pm saying the histopathologist hasn’t finished so results won’t be available by my 2pm appointment, but SHOULD be ready by 4pm.

What on earth do they do with them - carve them in lumps of rock?!

I know this isn’t the full meeting with the consultant to talk about treatment plans, but I should be able to figure out some basics on my own, and will have the time to think about what questions I might want to ask next week.

Thanks to you all for your good vibes & wishes. Turns out I had 2 Grade 3 tumours - a 14mm Invasive Ductal & a 39mm non-invasive DCIS but luckily, all 5 removed nodes were clear. I was ER/PR-, but HER2+.

Unfortuntely, some of the margins around the tumours weren’t quite at the minimum acceptable level so I’m back under the knife on Tuesday (25th) to shave a bit more off!

As the results also showed signs of lympho-vascular invasion, Consultant thinks that Onc will advise Chemo before Rads and followed up with 6-12 months of Herceptin - but that will only be decided on Onc appt during w/c 7th Feb.

Choccie - I was thinking of you this morning and hope that you finally get your results later today [fingers, toes & eyes crossed for you :-)]

Thanks again to you all. Chris

Have PMed you.

Everything crossed xx

Sorry about the results and non-results.


Arrh annoying Choccie I know how you feel. My carpet has holes in it from pacing up and down. The histopathologist is probably having a long Friday lunch break!

It will be over soon, got my fingers and toes crossed for you

Mary grace

I’ll be thinking of you. Whenever concious that is - LOL.

They’ll be knocking me out around 1000hrs again (at least I’m only fasting whilst asleep) - what time is yours? My WLE & SNB last week took approx 1.5 hours but next week he’s only opening up the wound on the boob, so will be much quicker.

Totally with you on the being sure bit. My Consultant said that he’s really confident he’s removed the ‘squatter’ but with the guidelines saying that 2mm clearance is the minimum & one of my readings only cleared by 1.5mm, he’d really like to make sure.

The surprise for me today was the probability of needing Chemo & Herceptin - but as I’m in the ‘throw whatever’s necessary at this bugger camp’ - I just want to get on with it. Just wondering if it’s worth getting my roots done tomorrow, LOL.

Very best wishes <<hugs>> Chris

I wouldn’t bother with the roots if you’re going to have chemo soon!

Good luck though whatever your path.

stella xx

Chocci I have everything crossed xx
MiniM welcome to the mad bad world of drugs!!! I went back for an extra bit out too and its a doddle! The chemo is doable…just get lots of dvds take all the extra drugs you can get ur hands on and eat well…goes quite quickly but horrid even so…but such is life. Herceptin is a doddle and a brilliant drug! We will all support and help so try not to worry!

Ladies who have crossed things, you’d better uncross them because you’ll be sitting like that for ages.

I AM SO Fw%£%^£%& CROSS!!! After cancelling something I had planned for Wednesday to get the results they didn’t give me, and then cancelling THE SAME THING I had planned to do today because I’d postponed it on Wednesday, then being postponed from 2pm to 4pm, we turn up at the hospital only to be told that because of a bit of a cock-up last week, the consultant would not not allow the BCN to give me my results. I was gutted. So now I have to wait until THURSDAY NEXT WEEK to find out, because the MDT doesn’t meet until Wednesday lunchtime and I’m BUSY next Wednesday holding OH’s hand for his pre-heart-op tests. FFS WE DO HAVE LIVES TO LEAD, DON’T THEY KNOW THAT???

I could spit, cry, scream and throw things, I am just so upset. I know I had a tantrum the other day but that’s NOTHING compared to this one - picture two-year-old in the middle of the shopping centre lying on floor and screaming so loud the passers by have their fingers in their ears. AND THEN SOME.

Off out now (I have a life and my daughter’s going training) so I won’t be able to catch up on the forum until late tonight. Might have calmed down a bit by then. But there’s no guarantee of that!

That is so not fair - you have waited long enough already. I don’t think they understand that it is all the not knowing which gets to us.

Hope you and OH get good news next week after all this waiting.

Stella xx

hugs all round eh

i remember going for my results waiitng 2 hours hten to be told they were not ready!! then back again to be told inconclusive and bioposys had to be repeated!!!

im 3 months down the line, so keep the faith as bon jovi would say xxxx