Oh dear, back again...

Hello again all you lovely ladies!
Just over a year ago i had such kind support and advice from you all when i was referred with what turned out to be bilateral cysts, one of which I had drained. i thought i would never have to go to the Breast Clinic again, or need to come back here…
But just over a week ago i found a lump behind the nipple on my right breast, and yesterday I was referred again to the Breast Clinic. From the position of the lump and my other symptoms of pain on palpation plus some nipple discharge, i’m thinking it might be an intraductal papilloma? Further concern is that the GP muttered something about feeling similar behind my other nipple…and today i did have some discharge from that side too.
Before I saw the GP yesterday I thought i would be fine, as I know what to expect, etc…but actually I feel just as terrified as last time. I know that if it is an intraductal papilloma i may need a procedure even though it is a benign condition, and I’m also worried that multiple intraductal papillomas can indicate a small increased risk of BC (hence my concern that the GP said she thought she felt similar behind the other nipple, etc).
I couldn’t remember my old log in details, so created a new account.
Thank you, and I hope you have all had a peaceful Christmas,

Dear Bid

I’m sorry you find yourself back on the forum but I’m glad you found it supportive in the past.

You could also give our helpline a call to talk over your concerns. They can offer you lots of information and support. They will be open 9-2 on New Years Eve, closed New Years Day but then back to normal- (9-5 weekdays, 10-2 on Saturdays)

Take care

Very best wishes


BCC Moderator

Hi Bid,
Sorry to hear that things are rocky for you at the moment. Just to say that the waiting for news is very often the worst aspect of situations such as these. I know I wanted certainties and there just aren’t any, only lots of potential difficulties. For this reason, I’ve been trying to distract myself (i’m waiting to hear about further treatment after surgery)— not always easy as I live alone. But doing silly, light-hearted things can help, even if it seems as if nothing will stop the anxiety. (New Year is a particularly hard time in this respect as we all tend to do the what-will-be -happening-this-time-next-year thing). But if you can, be nice to yourself, arrange visits to friends and give yourself any treats you know you usually like. It won’t take the anxiety away but it might give you a bit of respite for a while. Then, when the anxiety gets too much, come back to this forum and write about it so you don’t have to keep it all inside. All the best.