Older women with BC picked up at threee yearly scan

Would like to hear experiences

Yes, my bc was picked up on my first routine mammo. Such a shock! There were no indications that anything was wrong.

Thank goodness I went …


Hi Crehensal, my bc was picked up on my 2nd routine mammo biop one week later, lumpectomy 2 weeks later. My second mammo wasn’t actually due until Dec 07 was called 6 months early fortunately . Thank goodness for routine screening.

My bc was also picked up at 2nd routine mammo. Nothing to see or feel - even doc at the breast care centre couldn’t feel anything. It was confirmed by biopsy a few weeks after mammo. Would have been quicker but missed first appointment as letter arrived when I was on holiday - a lovely welcome home present!! Very thankful for regular mammogram as otherwise it would have advanced much further before it was discovered.

God bless.


My bc was picked up at routine 3 yearly mammogram. I am 67 and have been attending for routine mammos since the age of 50.
I had no symptoms,no lumps,they just found a cluster of calcifications in my right breast that had’nt been there before.
After several biopsies I was diagnosed with DCIS intermediate grade,cribiform type.
I had a WLE only,as they got good clear margins and the area was small I did not need radiotherapy.
Tamoxifen and Arimidex would not be suitable for me so I am just going for regular checkups and repeat mammogram at the end of a year,


Guess it’s worth having them then. I get in such a state waiting for the post to arrive to tell me whether I’ve got problems or not that I often think about not having the next one.


My bc was picked up on my 3rd mammo, aged 58 yrs. Took nearly 2 months to get seen in a breast care centre - some mix up with my notes and another lady with same name. I had no palpable lump, even the GP couldn’t feel anything, so I thought I was in the clear. I had a 2 cm invasive ductal tumour and associated intermediate grade DCIS. I had a WLE, total axillary removal (4 out of 18 nodes positive), then FEC chemo and rads. The whole shebang!
It was a great shock as no bc in my family, but so grateful for regular mammos. However, not as happy with follow up mammos - at my hospital in Plymouth we only get 2 yrly mammos after bc, which is not good enough. My local hairdresser was dx a year before me, and at her 5 yr mammo recently, the cancer was back in the same breast, but she said “a different kind” and did not explain further. I rang the local Nuffield hospital to ask what they charge for a private mammo and was told as I had had bc I would also need an ultrasound. They wanted £450, when my friends in Northampton pay £85 for private mammos. Think I will leave it until my 5 yrly review next Jan, although I am a little concerned about the puffiness of the bc breast, and some lumps on the aureole.

Good luck and hope your news is good.

Similarly to Annalyn, I was recalled from my fifth routine screening and DCIS was diagnosed from a core biopsy of calcifications in my right breast. I also had no symptoms whatsoever.

I had a WLE with clear margins and am having no further treatment.

I’m rather surprised to hear that the length of time between NHS follow up mammos varies in different areas; I would have thought there must be an optimum time scale for these checks.

I had my first routine mammo just 1 month after my 50th birthday in feb this year and good job I turned up as they found an agressive cancer that almost doubled in size within 2 weeks between the tests and the op. I couldn’t feel a lump and my breast hadn’t had any changes - to say I was shocked is a huge understatement!!!

Mine was found at my second routine mammogram in March and I was diagnosed in April. Grade 3, HER positive, ER pos and PR pos, no lymph nodes. It was too deep to be able to feel anything so I consider myself very lucky that I had the mammogram at that time. I have had surgery and chemo. Next rads, Herceptin and Arimidex. So as others have said, thank goodness for the screening programme.


It’s quite frightening reading these posts but I will go and have it - after all it was only 18 months ago I had the last one. Do any of you have mets?

Mine was picked up on my first routine mammo. No indication that anything was wrong. A school friend was the same.

In my road, another friend said that she knows about 30 women who recently went for their first mammo; eight were recalled! Scary stuff. Don’t know what will be the outcome for the eight.

I was picked up on my routine mammogram this year aged 60. I am luckier than some, tiny little b****r only 5mm and Grade 1. Now been removed with 4 lymph nodes which are clear. So Tamoxifen and start Rads next week.

I think think they should reduce age limit for mammograms as I have been shocked at how many younger women get cancer and by the time they detect it , it could be well advanced!.

Norma X

My cousin was picked up on her first scan at the age of 52. My first scan was at age 49 - DCIS picked up on second scan at age 54 - just out of hospital after WLE - results due October 4th.

Maddy x

What I am trying to gauge is the prognosis for those of us who may be picked up at routine mammograms - but I suppose everyone is different?

Hi - I had my first routine mammogram aged 49 and was recalled. It was a spot of calcium. I had by 2nd routine mammogramon 19th March this year. I rang the Breast Screening clinic 4 weeks later asking for results. I was told that there was a shortage of consultants to read the scans !! I went away to France for a week end of April and returned to 2 letters from the clinic with appointments. I missed the first one because I was away and it was only actually sent out a few days before the actual appointment so didn’t give me chance. I attended on 3rd May and on entering the room I was told to take my top off and lie down as there was some thickening in my left breast they were concerned about. They took biopsies but then had to go into another room and had deeper ones taken. I thought then there’s something wrong here. I asked the consultant if it was cancer and she said yes. On the 10th May I went back to get my diagnosis that the tumour was the size of half my breast and would need a mastectomy. The Registrar I saw was very unapproachable, very matter of fact. I opted to have the op in a hospital nearer home and was given an appointment for 17th May.

I had a mastectomy on 15th June 2007 - nearly 13 weeks after my mammogram. What is the use of a screening programme when they can’t act quickly on the results. It seems that if there is nothing wrong with you you get a letter within 2 weeks. I am angry at the length of time it took but also grateful if was picked up. Like many of you I had no idea. The tumour was very big and very flat and couldn’t be felt. I had actually gone to my GP about a year before because my breast had grown in size but she checked me and said I was okay. I just wish I had asked for a mammogram.

Perhaps Gordon Brown would like to hear all our comments on his latest speech regarding screening !

Brenda xxx


Where do you live?

I had a recall a few years back (it was only a cyst) but I did not get the letter for at least three weeks after the mammogram and by that time had convinced myself that all was OK because I had not heard (it was a terrible shock). Does anyone know if there is a prescribed time period in which to be notified if there is a problem?

They say you should hear in about 3 weeks !! If I had found a lump and gone to GP I would have been seen under the 2 week rule ! But no - you trust the mammogram service and they let you down. I feel angry because mine was an aggressive tumour and just wonder how much it had grown in all those weeks.

I live in Preston, Lancashire and the screening is carried out by the Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust. I opted to have op done in Chorley by a marvellous surgeon. In fact they are all very good. I found him wonderful. I work for the NHS as a medical secretary and knew of this surgeon and asked for him to do the op.

Why don’t they, when they can actually see on the scans there is a tumour - pass this to a consultant straight away - not be put to one side because of staff shortages. I had bone scan and liver scan and there was no spread but it was in 8 of my lymph glands.

Brenda xx

I think three weeks is far too long. Fortunately I live in Bristol and as I am on the IBIS II Preventative trial get mammograms every 18 months am not sure how long before the results of the Mammogram though - think I will ring up and try to find out.