Older women with BC picked up at threee yearly scan

Crehensal - I am also in Bristol but not on the trial you refer to. I used to be on the trial for 40 to 50 year olds and had mammograms every year then.

I had my routine mammogram in mid March and had a recall letter dated 10 days later asking me to attend at the beginning of April. At that appointment I had further mammograms and ultrasound and was told that it was cancer. I had a core biopsy done and went back for the results 11 days later, exactly one month from the first visit. So I think that the process was reasonably quick although not as quick as being seen at one of the one stop shop clinics.

Hope your results are ok.


Did you not get the option of a one stop clinic? Usually if you ask to attend one they will put you in. Which Dr are you under?