On rads still very tired, how long will i feel like this

Hi ladies

I finished my chemo 6 weeks ago and am now on rads every day for 5 weeks.
The chemo was pretty rough, i was sick a lot and lost a stone and a half as i couldnt eat much or keep it down for long.
The problem im having now is my mind knows im feeling better but its not telling my body. My energy levels are so low i still feel as tired as when i was on chemo.
I am forcing myself to go out and do things but i find that very often the day after being active i have to have a couple of hours sleep in the day as im so exhausted and most nights im in bed by 9 pm… Im not talking major activity here like going to the gym or anything just a trip to the supermarket or half an hour pottering in the garden.
Im trying to eat sensibly although can only manage small meals. I suppose one of the problems is i dont eat meat. Im not strictly a vegetarian as i do eat fish. Any tips on what to eat to boost my energy levels, i do take vitamis but dont want to rely on supplements as im a bit sceptical about the benefits.

Am i trying to run before i can walk How long will i feel like this. Now im through chemo i was hoping to get back to work soon as i have been off since my op last August but the way i feel at the moment i think im a long way off yet. Im so bored and frustrated and i have a year of Herceptin after my rads finish I just want to feel normal again !


HI Ann

I’m at a pretty similar stage to you. Finished chemotherapy four weeks ago, and have had two out of 30 rads. It’s a long old haul, isn’t it! I’m feeling pretty good - at the end of chemo I was breathless just after walking up stairs, but am much better now. However, I also go to bed early, rest when I need to and generally take life at a pretty slow pace. Quite apart from the chemo, the fact that you have not been able to eat too well and have lost quite a lot of weight is bound to be taking it’s toll on you. Hopefully now that you can eat again you will gradually build up your strength, even though you don’t eat meat I am sure that if you are eating fish and dairy pruduce you will be getting all the nourishment you need.

I know it’s frustrating Ann, but the bottom line is that we have been through an awful ordeal, and are still going through very challenging treatment. So I would suggest, just take each day as it comes and don’t expect too much of yourself, this is still very early days. I am sure you will be feeling very much better in a few months, but perhaps at the moment we just have to continue to be very gentle with ourselves The radiotherapy can cause tiredness as well. Let’s not beat ourselves up, but just get through as best we can. Better days are ahead! Good luck with the rest of your treatment - I understand about the feeling bored and frustrated, instead of thinking of what you can’t do, try to enjoy things you can do - I am reading so many wonderful books, and enjoying going to art classes. Will hope to hear how you get on. Love Sarah

Hello Ann,
I didn`t start back to work until rads had finished. And even then I went back at staged levels. And even now 6 months after finishing rads some days I still get very tired for no apparent reason.
For some of us I think we do try to do too much too soon. After all, consider what our bodies have gone through with chemo.

Best wishes

Hello Ann

Had last chemo Feb 13th and last of 30 rads yesterday. Like Sarah was breathless at the end of chemo but was feeling better by the time i started rads. Do be kind to yourself, be prepared to sleep some afternoons. The body needs to heal itself.

If its any help my BNC suggested regular rests throughout the day. I have learned to treat myself to a coffee and a sit at the end of the supermarket shop before heading home, using the bus to go into town and sitting down to listen to the Archers (usually listen whilst washing up)

As to diet. Have found that my appetite is very variable and i’m hardly eating any meat. The advice from both chemo and rads was keep up the carbs (that did help the energy levels). Found myself using creme fraiche in soups, extra cheese on pasta, oily dressings on salads and have been snacking on nuts.At the centre i attended for rads the dietitians run drop in sessions for people who are struggling to eat (it may be worth asking if there is a similar session at your hospital)

Was advised to take some regular exercise each day (nothing too strenuous eg a walk round the block)and warned that I would feel shattered at first but it would improve the energy levels over time.

Rads can take it out of you be gentle on yourself and find some treat to mark certain points through the treatment. There is a coffee shop near my treatment centre with cakes to die for. Used to mark every fifth rads with a trip to the coffee shop on the way home.

Hang on in there. there is light at the end of the tunnel


Thanks ladies, I guess i will have to learn to be a bit more patient. Its just that you read on this webiste of some of the ladies who fly through their treatment including chemo and even carry on working going to the gym etc. I was starting to think i was making too much of my illness. Although ive never been work shy having bought up 2 children on my own while working full time. Its just that i keep thinking i should be doing more now but will take your advise and take a day at a time and try and build my activities up gradually rather than going mad one day and then spending the next day in bed recovering



Hi Ann

I am absolutely knackered having just finished only 13 sessions of rads and I didn’t even had chemo, so I can’t imagine what you ladies who have had to have 30 sessions and chemo must feel like. I couldn’t even think of starting back at work full time as I would be under a desk asleep by noon! I am past caring what I should be able to do (too tired) but appreciate my limitations. I am no spring chicken and was not very fit before treatment started, so maybe these ladies who can cope better may be fitter and younger which gives them a good headstart!!

Hope you feel

Hi Ladies

I have put this on another thread but thought it worth repeating here. My sister is an Intensive Care nurse so is used to dealing with bodies in trauma and when I was saying about the unbelievable tiredness she explained that it is because our bodies can only repair the good cells that have been destroyed by the treatment when we are asleep, it cannot be done when we are awake and functioning. This is why when we are ill we sleep alot and why we continue to be so tired after treatment has finished because we are still repairing the damage on the inside.

So we need to “listen to our bodies” [I can’t belive I just said that cos it was the one thing that people said to me that REALLY irritated me] and rest when we need and slowly but surely you will start to feel more like your old self again.

Anyway my body is telling me it needs a cream cake so I am off to the cake shop with Crispy.

Lots of Love


Hi ladies

Just to let you know, had my last rads today and wanted to thank you for your earlier comments which did help. I virtually skipped out of the hospital. A bit red and sore but not too bad
I wont miss the daily drive. Im sure my car can find its own way to the hospital now. Not as tired as i thought i would be but i think at the begining i was still shattered from chemo. I have had a lot of daytrime naps however.

Called in the hairdressers on the way home to book in for a trim. My hairs still very short but needs a tidy up and hopefully will give me a boost.
Am taking a few more weeks to build myself up then going back to work. Am doing 4 hours to start with and then building my hours up gradually. I cant wait to be honest to get back to something like a normal life or as normal as it can be with a year of Herceptin treatment still ahead of me.

Never b****Y ends does it.

Will be on the Herceptin thread soon !!

Thanks again



Hi all have ot have ct scan and markings for Rads tommorrow, cannot concentrate on anything today. The thought of five weeks of rads Urrrrrrrrrgh, finished chemo six weeks ago had to forgo two (oncs Idea ) because I was so ill. Picking up a little bit know and dreading the thought of being bashed about again. I really am in two minds whether to go ahead or not(silly mare). I have family probs which are tearing my heart out and wonder sometimes if it is worth going on , Soooooo sorry to be a moaning Minnie I feel a right wimp , some of you have ben through so much more. had WLE Nov and SNB only one node involved also have had pancreatitis.(HELL) I am feeling rock bottom physically and mentally. Come on cyberpals sort me out please. Love Bobbiexxxx

Hi Bobbie

I really feel for you - you sound utterly exhausted and fed up to the back teeth. I have just finished rads and didn’t have chemo and know what you mean about being bashed about. However, I actually didnt mind going to the appointments as I got to know the radiographers and the others who were having rads with me and had a bit of a laugh. We used to moan like mad to each other, though!!!.

Bobbie, you know in your heart you must go through with the rads despite all the hassle and having family problems. Your life and well being is so important even though at times you probably feel so down. You sound like someone who always puts others first and this time you need to put yourself first. Look at it this way. In a few weeks all your treatment will be bad memory. You will be on the way to recovery as it sounds as though you have a good prognosis. You will then get up your strength to tackle the other problems in your life which are getting you down. At the moment, you aren’t physically and emotionally strong enough to sort things out, so you will have to leave the problems to one side.

Hold on in there, Bobbie - it will soon be over - just a means to an end.


Hi Bobbie
how are you? HONESTLY the rads arnt that bad and the staff are lovely i had 5 weeks and you are hardly ever kept waiting! who is taking you there tomorrow?
I have posted about some family problems too, so i know how these can get you down, I slapped my sister in front of everyone at a big posh fancy wedding at newstead abbey last thursday! when i got threatened to be thrown out i told them i had worked at locations that made there abbey look like the local homeless shelter!!! needless to say they were not to impressed but boy didnt i feel better!!!
see bet your smiling now,
Anna x x

I had 6+ weeks of rads and although it was tiring I managed to keep working throughout - I was bright red by the end and I had some minor skin splits but nothing too drastic. I was delighted with the rads staff - all were exceptionally good and very friendly. At the start I thought 6 weeks would never come to an end - now I’m about 5 weeks since it finished - time just seems to fly.

Good luck to those about to start rads and those who are currently getting rads

HI Annamarie , THANKS FOR GETTING BACK TO ME, thanks for words of comfort. OH is taking me tommorrow. I had to take him 18 months ago for 4 weeks (prostate cancer0 You litle devil I bet you were flavour of the month, you can only take so much s**t. Cathy thanks for getting back to me I do’nt understand myself at times . Yes you are so right about me putting others first. When will I ever learn??? I am attending the same hospital as Annamarie so if she can get through it I’m sure I MUST. Just sick and tired of the whole business as I’m sure you will agree it seems to go on for ever. Love Bobbie xxxx Anna WE will have to get together for that coffee , perhaps you could ring Naomi and ask her for my phone No, Do’nt want to put it on site obviously.

Annamarie - sounds like my kind of wedding party!! Something like that always happens when my family are involved. Makes it more interesting, if nothing else!!! Bobbie, you will be fine. There might even be the handsome radiographer there to keep you amused!!! I did have one little chap, but not much of a heart throb, unfortunately. The girls at my hospital were also very nice and brilliant sense of humour.


Hi Bobbie - Just to say goodluck for today. I’m now half way through the radiotherapy, and as the others have said, it really is very straightfoward. I know it all just seems too much sometimes, but take it one day at a time and I know that you will get through this. Let us know how you get on. Best of luck, and love from Sarah x

Thanks Seabird/Sarah I am not coping at all well this am . Appt at 2pm. Its 11.10am and I have’nt got going yet. Cannot understand why I am in such a state.love bobbei