Onc has said come off it but am a bit scared too

Just spoken to Oncs secretary, and she spoke to him in clinic. He has told me to come off it now. He said I would have been coming off it when I returned from my holibobs to start chemo, and three weeks now wont make a great difference. And that the situation will be reviewed after chemo finishes.

I am relieved but also a bit worried too if that makes sense.

I know that I would not be on it for the whole chemo period, but I do feel its a bit like taking the stabiliers off my bike and am worried I might fall off. He said three weeks wont make much difference, what does everyone else think?

I didn’t have any tamoxifen until shortly before starting rads. In the hospital I went to that was the usual practice. So I was diagnosed in Feb (2009) had surgery and chemo and didn’t start tamoxifen until the October. I had thought it was the same for everybody, so perhaps you’ve had a bit of extra tamoxifen anyway. Elinda x

HI Elinda I was diagnosed first week in March, and they put me on it because I have had a long period without anything. They wanted to start chemo mid July, but have held back so I could have my holiday. He said at the appointment that they would give me it to tide me over as the chemo was being delayed. If they had waited until after chemo to start it I would have nearly had cancer a year before any chemical intervention.

Hi Star,

I would not worry too much about coming off the Tamoxifen. I won’t get technical but it does stay in your body for some time after you stop taking it. It will be better for you to start on your chemo without anything else in your system. I think that you have to leave the decision to your Oncologist and stop worrying.

Good luck with your chemo and may all your side effects be little ones.


I’m with the rest of them. Once it’s out of your system you’ll be able to see that it’s the best option at the moment. I was diagnosed in Dec 10 and didn’t start Tam until after my chemo had finished, so July 11 some time. Three weeks is not going to make much difference, except to your holiday! And as the others have said, you could do without it during chemo.

Relax and let your mood return to normal, you’ve had a helluva time with Tam. (And when you go back on it, try a different brand.)

I was on Femara before chemo. my onc said l had to stop it 3 weeks before l started chemo, seems 3 weeks is normal to stop before chemo.
Good Luck


Dx over 3 years ago. Started femara after chemo and after rads. No problem.

Mal x

Hi girls, the oncologist had told me to stay on the tamoxifen right up until two days before I started the chemo. Because chemo was later due to having to have extra surgery, complications and now a holiday.

He is only taking me off it three weeks earlier due to how unwell mentally I have become. If he had said originally to come off it a few weeks before chemo I would not be worrying but his exact words or rather the professor I saws words were, we can delay your chemo but will make you as protected as well as we can by giving you Tamoxifen. I would be on it for the next three weeks, its only due to me being unwell that hes taken me off it. Hence the dilema xx

I must say you are right about the difference to my holiday choccie, I honestly think I would have come back family and husbandless if I had taken it during the holiday.


Have a super holiday :slight_smile: i stopped before surgery and I felt stacks better *within 48 hours* of taking my last tablet, no kidding. They say it hangs around in the system two or three weeks but i felt so much better really quickly i wanted to encourge you :slight_smile:

I was told to stop taking Tamoxifen at least a week before chemo started, my BCN told me to stop taking it two weeks before chemo starts.
Try not to worry too much and enjoy your holiday xx

Thank you ladies, I am so looking forward to this holiday, and to have it with out Tamoxifen “rage” is such a relief xx