Once again worried about my mum :(

Hi everyone

I’ve posted before my mums 54 years old got dx in oct 2011 with BC 2/5 nodes involved had 6 chemos now 3 weeks til mx. She’s has a pain since her 2nd Chemo under her ribs right hand side, same as BC side. We’ve asked a few times and it’s being dismissed. Saw the surgeon today he examined my mum, we knew it’s her liver area that’s tender and he said it feel fine no swelling no symptoms apart from the ache that comes and goes. Our family gp said the same.

They decided to send her for a ultra sound scan next week… So now I’m petrified what if is spread and that’s it. Trying to think positive but finding all of this hard.

We lost my mums aunt to secondary BC of bones and liver so worried that’s going to be us.

Anything that might help me feel stronger would be appreciated
Thanks very much .

Awwww Cat I really feel your worry.

Many ladies on here have had post op and general pains under their ribs during treatment and it turned out to be nothing. Even worse case scenario, the amount of treatments they have available for secondary BC now is plentiful and women are living longer and longer - testament to that is many women just on this forum who are years into a secondary Dx, helping women who are newly diagnosed.

Hand on heart I had pain in my liver area after Dx which came in spasms throughout the day and I was adamant that I had secondary BC, I took my concerns to my oncologist and he sent me for a CT scan, it was clear and he had no explanation for my pains. He did say to me that the mind is a powerful tool when its stressed, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so stressed in y entire life.

Try not to worry over what you cannot change, easier said than done sweetheart I know but we truly hope its just a pulled muscle or even something like a gallstone or something or better still…nothing at all.