Oncofocus test

Hi. I was diagnosed last week and am awaiting further biopsy results before discussing a treatment plan next week. I’m considering paying for the Oncofocus DNA sequencing test and was wondering if anyone had any experience of this. I’ll obviously discuss it with my bcn and specialist but wanted as much info as possible first. It’s nearly £2000 and I don’t want to pay if the targetted therapies it suggests then aren’t available on the NHS or are so obscure I can’t get them. Any thoughts please?

Sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed, Judith, but thankfully, it can now be dealt with.
I wouldn’t know about the Oncofocus test, maybe one of the others will be able to advise.
Treatments for bc are pretty standard & most of us will fall into the common categories. Do you have any other diagnosis info yet? Eg grade & hormone status, usually it’s only after surgery that all’s confirmed.
If certain criteria are met, the oncotype test is done on the nhs anyway, to help decide if chemo is indicated.
It could be that having the test wouldn’t change a lot, but as you say, it’s certainly worth a look.
ann x

Hi Judith,  Sorry you find yourself here.  It may be worth discussing the Oncofocus test with your Oncologist to see if they think its worth investing in.  As you say, if the recommended drugs arent available on the NHS then you would not benefit unless you went private.  The standard Oncotype test on the NHS determines whether you have Hormone (ER/PR) or HER2 growth receptors in your tumour, if the HER2 is borderline then they may request a FISH test for further detail. Here’s my blog which has a link to the NHS protocols:  lifeafterlola.com

Its quite a daunting time between diagnosis and the start of treatment so try not to overthink - your BCN is usually your best port of call for finding out what’s happening and can usually answer most questions.  Best wishes. xxxx