Oncologist appointment and radiotherapy delays

Since I am having to tolerate what I think are really bad delays following surgery, I’d be interested to hear what is the longest time folks have had to wait!!!
I’m trying to get referred elsewhere.

Hi Atat,i had my WLE and lymph node operation on 13th May and started my Radiotherapy on the 8th July,i don’t think that is too long to wait as i had planning and mark up and oncoologist appointments during that time,how long are you having to wait ?Lovr Ellies x

Hi Atat


I had to wait 14 weeks for my radiotherapy to start. Like you I was really concerned about the long wait. When I voiced my concerns to my oncologist he assured me it wouldn’t make a difference to my outcome. Part of the reason for my delay was due to first, allowing healing time from second lot of surgery as margins weren’t clear the first time and then the Easter holidays as the hospital I went to have a break over Easter and they didn’t want my treatment to be interrupted.


Some hospitals seem to have problems as they are so busy. I went to The Churchill in Oxford and they cover a very wide area which also adds to the pressure of fitting everyone in I suppose.  Also some unlucky ladies unfortunately develop infections after their surgery and can’t start until everything has healed. 


You could always ring the radiotherapy department to ask them to give you some indication of when you’ll start. I hope you hear soon.


Take care



On this site somewhere it states:

“Radiotherapy 31 days after chemotherapy has finished”.

Does that mean 31 days after your last chemo was given.

Does it mean 31 days after your ECAP date - the date your Consultant states that you are fit for treatment, which will probably be about 10 days after the chemo was given. 31 added to ECAP makes at least 41 days from chemo being given.

Now here is a really silly question. What does treatment mean? Is a Planning Session regarded as treatment despite no radiotherapy being given. So the patient can go into a Planning Session and then wait on hopefully for not too long.

The first actual treatment appointment I got was 39 days after the chemo to kill off the stray cells. After a moan this was reduced to 34 days (why couldn’t I have got the earlier appointment in the first place?) The reason for the delay was that Planning takes a long time. The word CAT means Computerised Axial Tomography - note carefully the word computer. 

What’s in days you may ask. The Planning Session happened 17 days after the last chemo. Meaning I have been CAT scanned and marked up with tatooes another17 days before I’m going to get the actual treatment. I asked, as an after thought when I got the second appointment, if I could diet. No. Putting off dieting may not seem a problem, but as I now have the joy of being mobile after chemo the weight started to fall off without any change of diet at all  (3lbs in 5 days). Like a lot of women, the very first place the weight falls off is - the breasts!!! Also like  a lot of women extra weight does not help dodgy knees.

So I’m now forced to feed myself like a pate de fois gras duck or risk those measurements being way out. There is no way I’m going to let some figure fudging bod in an office risk damaging my heart and lungs with radiation because the planning session data will have become out of date. 

I won’t be able to sort this situation for myself, but hopefully other women will be told at the very least not to diet.

I look forward to the radiation finishing, any stray cells being killed off, and getting some life back before the ovaries are removed in a few months time. My first op was at the end of Feb. Freeedom!!!


Had my op6 weeks ago breast and lythnons have mapping on 20th not sure if I strart my radiation the next day or have to wait I hope not I have a chrisning to go to on the 14th September my granddaughter there will be a disco was hoping to do some dancing it may cheer me up fed up of crying do not understand it had op all clear but still getting upset is this normal.

Hi Toulula


Obviously hospitals vary a lot on waiting times but I had my rads planning appointment 8 weeks after my op and then waited two weeks to start radiotherapy,


At the planning meeting they gave me all the dates and times  - so I started rads 10 weeks after my op.


Good luck


Jaye x

Hi Lex
I had my Radiotherapy at Northampton. The staff are great. I had my planning meeting and they gave me a list of Radiotherapy dates to start me off. The only real problem was the delays bit I shouldn’t really moan about that. If you have any questions please ask. Hope all goes well for you
Angie. X