Oncologist date

Oncologist date

Oncologist date Is the 2nd of July…and then start chemo the week after… probably been asked before but any tips for a chemo survival kit? Should my children, 3 and 1.5 go to daycare in August or will they only bring back a huge bag of germs?

Any ideas how to still be super mummy when having treatment?

Try and get some time for you My children 3yrs and 5months have both been going to the nursery whilst I am on FEC. 3 yrs old does his normal 3 days and I play with him as normal in evenings and dress him in morning etc. Baby is 5 months and she started going earlier than I would have liked as treatment started 13th April. She goes every Monday and the 3rd Friday (when I have my FEC). Thus I have Mondays to myslef totally to get over the weekend, tidy up or stay in bed. Tuesdays and Wed I just have the baby and 3 year old has his normal routine. I am really lucky as my OH doesnt work Thursdays and Fridays as I was the full time worker and he looked after 3 year old. This we have kept as normal and I join in with the fun stuff. I find it very difficult to switch off while the children are around, even with my OH or grandparents to look after them. Either they come searching for me, or I feel I should be with them. Thus the days when they are at nursery are invaluable - I can sleep, look at my diminishing hair, cry, go shopping, do whatever I like. Then I find I am so pleased to see them we have a lovely evening or next day.

The nursery have been fantastic and on the odd occasion I havent been able to look after the children and my OH couldnt because he was ill too - they have found space for the children and as its routine for them to go there they dont question the odd extra day.

I was worried about the bugs - and am cautious with friends children coming to visit etc. My neuts dropped to 0.1 after my first treatment, but with prophylactic antibiotics I didnt stay in hospital and everyone thoght it was best I be at home. Cells also dropped 2nd time so they gave me antibiotics again and neupogen injections. I never got an actual infection. After 3rd and 4th treatments I have had neulast, no antibiotics and no infections - cells all great. The care I have recieved has all been about keeping me at home and with the kids as much as possible.

Super mum bits - well I am favourite in the mornings and evenings as I am always willing to snuggle up in front of cbeebies.

Thank you so much for your reply… I hope it will be the same for me…but I am really worried about getting a bug of some srt…mmm…
Snuggles, now I am REALLY great at those!