Oncologist this week

Hi ladies, three weeks on from lumpectomy and full  lymph node excision. Surgery has gone well, and clear margins, but I am still so sore and cannot remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night. As my tumour was a grade three , and my lymph nodes were also cancerous I expect to have the full works thrown at me. So not having a good time at the moment. All a muddle as the CT scan is after the meeting with the Onco, so really I feel we’ll be working in the dark regarding treatment. I didn’t think it was possible to feel so low.

sorry your feeling so low but very early days after your surgery so bound to be feeling sore.Must be awful not getting your sleep and that may contribute to your low mood as well as all the other worries and concerns you have… No wander you feel low with all your going through.and the uncertainty of your treatment is anxiety provoking. seek support from your friends and your BC nurse. Take Care xx

Hi I am meeting Oncologist on Friday this week. Wondering what queations I should be asking. 


I had trouble sleeping after mx, morphine made me feel sick  so GP gave me tramadol to try. I find if I take one before bed then I sleep right through the night. I am not in much pain now, had seroma drained yesterday so feels much better, less like a blister on my chest. Worth speaking to GP to see if they suggest anything new for pain.


Once your pain goes and you get some sleep you will feel better. My husband told me to see all the treatments in stages. 1 surgery, 2 chemo, 3 rads and only focus on one at a time. We are both through surgery so one third of the way there on this journey. We can do this and get to the end, we are stronger than we think!


Sending you a hug.



Bless you.


I had double mastectmony on 15th December and I understand how you feel.


Your moving forward and thats the main thing.


Keep positive it helps.