Oncologist tomorrow!

Hi everyone,

Wondered if this is normal-just arrived home from work to find appointment letter to see oncologist tomorrow morning!! It’s at a different hospital than where all my other treatment has been (quite a bit further away) and I don’t drive so don’t know how I’ll get there and it’s too short notice for either of my daughter’s to come with me as one lives away from home and the other is working. Also I’m expected at work myself! Am I being unreasonable to phone the hospital and say all this and see I can postpone the appointment until later in the week or is this usual practice?! xx

Hi Jen,
They do send or ring appointments through, sometimes without short notice, as the slots have to be filled if the become available. If such short notice is difficult, then give them a ring about it, it’s not unreasonable.
ann x

I think they have probably filled a slot Jencat. I wouldnt worry about work at all as they will understand. Could you let them know tonight. Is there a freiend or colleague who could take you. You could postpone but i think you may then have a wait xx

That’s so frustrating Jencat. You wait ages for an appointment then you can’t do it. I’m sure they’ll be able to move it. It was very short notice.

I’m sure work would understand if she explained it. After all it’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence x

It’s always tough when appointments clash or are at difficult times but at the moment you need to be selfish. Having edited a long time it would have been a shame to defer.
I have my appointment on Thursday. Let us know how you get on.

You will feel better after seeing Onc!
Daughters work will understand, a shame no pay but mums health comes first. Keep us posted. Thinking of you.xx