Oncology App

So it’s oncology appointment day! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a treatment start date. I also have my PET scan on Monday.

Have a good day everyone x

Morning Cassie, hope your appointment goes well today. I still haven’t heard about mine xx

I finally got a date for mine yesterday. 21st.
Hope all goes well today.

Thanks all.

Jencat mine took 2 weeks to come through and my BCN said It can be 2-3 weeks to come through then it might be for a date 2 weeks in advance. I’m sure it’ll be on its way to you.

Chaffinch that’s great you’ve got a date. Hope all goes well let us know how it goes.

My appointment isn’t till 3.15 so I’ll report back later on what they said x

Hi Whytefawn
Keep us posted.xxx

Mine took 2 weeks to come through, I chased it up in Monday and it arrived yesterday. Appointment in one week.



Good luck for today, everything crossed for you xxx

Good luck today Whytefawn xxx

Good luck. All the best. Xxx

Long and short of today’s meeting was that chemo starts 2 weeks today! Also need an mri scan to monitor how I respond to treatment which I need to wait for an appointment for.

Cassie x

Was that what you were expecting Cassie? Hope you are ok xx

I was hoping to get a start date. If it needs doing I’d rather than get on with it and get it sorted. Wasn’t expecting an mri not sure if I’m claustrophobic or not but I suppose we’ll find out

They will help you to be fine Cassie. Hope you get your dates soon xx


Evening Cassie


Glad you’ve got a bit of clarity about the way forward now. Try not to worry too much about the MRI scan. All of the scary sounding scans I’ve had haven’t been half as bad as expected. And I am squeamishness personified. I think the worst thing I’ve had were the mammograms. Very sore!!!


Bet if men had to have their todges scanned you can be damn sure they wouldn’t be mashed down under a perspex tray. They’d have invented something that involved nestling it on a velvet cushion and just having a little picture taken. But then if men had periods I reckon they’d also get a week off every month on full pay ?


Good luck with your appointment too Chaffinch. Hope all you lovelies are feeling upbeat and perky tonight. I was at the hairdressers to have my hair cut a bit shorter (in preparation for the cold cap and so I might conceivably get a wig that does more than perch on my head on Saturday) and my lovely hairdresser gave me a 20% discount. Who said there are no perks to having cancer?! ? 


?Bakewell xxx 


Cjerry i love that middle paragraph and you are so right. Hope the new hair do looks good xxx

MRI scan isn’t too bad, just ask them to put a good radio channel on! Also as you are facing down remember to go to the loo first and don’t eat a full meal beforehand. I didn’t eat as was nervous and my tummy rumbled throughout but I think I would have been ok with some cereal or toast as it was in the morning! I nearly fell asleep too until they spoke to me when rhey wanted the ink to go in.xx