Oncology appointment - stressed an confused

Had my 2nd margin clearance op 2 weeks ago and saw surgeon yesterday . My 1.5 cm lump was grade 3 but caught early . At my case review I was considered borderline for chemo and they are awaiting the results of a test in the U . S . Now ! Has anyone else been borderline ? Thanks

Hi Debtex,


I had a 19mm grade 2 tumour wand I too was considered borderline for chemo over 2 years ago which I did have. Believe it or not I welcomed chemo as I wanted to know i’d done everything in my power to stop it coming back and I didn’t want any regrets further down the line in terms of recurrance or mets. Chemo is doable and I continued to work throughout mine whilst running a home and looking after a 4 year old, although I appreciate I was lucky in terms of side effects. Any questions please ask!


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CC x

Thank you both for your replies . Fiona what did the oncologist mean by treatable but not curable if it came back ?

Ok I really think as much as I would like to dash off into the wide blue yonder with my hair in situ and no chemo what you have said makes me think I am going to have it . I’m scared of chemo but if I don’t have it I know I will live in fear if re currence and I don’t think it’s fair on my loved ones to risk not having it . Thanks it helps to chew the cud with someone in similar situation x

Wise words thanks ladies I needed a pep talk and a kick up the …e so thank you . My appointment for oncology is wk on Monday so I will post after that . Take care and thanks x

Hi debtex, I had WLE and SNB on 20 august and went back last week (Thursday) for results. Good margins, no node involvement, 9 mm, hormone pos her2 neg BUT grade 3. My case review also said I was borderline for chemo. I have my appointment next Tuesday with oncologist. So we seem to be in a similar boat unfortunately. I am petrified at the thought of chemo (I have a vomiting phobia) but now it’s been tabled I feel it might have to be the road I take. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on (think your appointment is the day before mine) xxxx

Hi murphy , sorry for delay . I should have had my results today but now my app has been changed to Wednesday . This caused massive upset as u can imagine as I’m sick of waiting plus my husband had to change a trip away . Anyway let me know ur outcome and so will I . Take care deb x

Hi butterfly, thank you so much for replying. My appointment is tomorrow afternoon, I just need to get there now and find out what they are going to say. I am petrified to have the chemo due to my vomiting phobia, but I’m also petrified not to have it as I know I will constantly worry there is still something there and I won’t know about it till it’s too late. This forum has been great through hearing folks experiences and giving hope.

Debtex, sorry your appointment has been changed, please let me know how you get on. What test are you waiting for? Good luck for Wednesday, I’ll be thinking about you xx

Hi murphy will find out name of test and let u know . I need to write down what is discussed this time I think . Will be think of you tomoz I understand your fear I’m right there with you !x Butterfly thanks for your positive encouraging comments . that’s what I need to hear ! I’m scared it will be too easy for me to shun chemo . I’ve been off wk for a while now and as a result I look fitter and healthier than I have done for years ! it’s easy to forget what might be going on on my body that the chemo could sort and give me a longer future. . Thanks again ladies . Will be in touch xx

Ok had appointment with onco . Grade 3 no lymph nodes clear margins 1.65 cm tumour . Oestrogen receptive / her2 neg . Had onco type dx test which indicates that I have a 15 percent chance of it coming back without chemo reducing to a better than 6 percent chance with chemo . . I want to fight it while I still have a good chance so I’m having chemo although it’s a hard call