Oncology meeting tomorrow

Hi everyone


I’m normally more of a lurker than a poster, but thought I would take the plunge and introduce myself. I’m 55 years old and found out I had breast cancer on 28th June 2017, but didn’t know any more information at that time, which was very frustrating. On 6th July I had a wide local excision and sentinel node biopsy, left therapeutic mammoplasty and symmetrical reduction on the right side. I had a necrotic area of skin following the core biopsy, but this was removed during surgery. I was amazed I had no drains to deal with. I had always wanted a breast reduction and somehow this made it seem like sort of a silver lining.



It took a few weeks for the full results, but finally on 28th July I was told I had a grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma 26mm, ER and PR negative, but her 2 positive.  I then had to wait another few days to find out there was also an area of high grade ductal carcinoma in situ beside the invasive tumour. I then had to have to have a margin shave on 8th August, but luckily this was clear.


I was having lunch with a friend today when I got a call offering me an appointment with the oncologist tomorrow. Must admit, this has made it seem even more real than the surgery.


Anyway, at least things are moving onto the next stage, so hopefully tomorrow I will know what the plan is for chemotherapy and Herceptin. I’ll then have radiotherapy following this.

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Best wishes to everyone.


Rhona x



Hi Rhona and welcome


There are lots of lovely ladies on here that you can chat to as you go through the next part of your BC journey.

Chemotherapy is not as bad as you might think. For me, it was less traumatic than surgery, so you’ve done the hardest part already!

Once you have a starting date, join the chemo monthly threads so that you can chat to others going through the same as you.

Sending a virtual hug.

Sue xx

Just reply on the thread Rhona.Welcome to the forum .Jill.


Thanks Jill and Sue x

Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow x

best of luck tomorrow Rhona x

Good luck for tomorrow Rhona
I found out today I have grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. Getting my staging scans in the next few days.

Hi Shona
I’m not a good sleeper at the moment so always post at this time!
Good luck with your Onc! Even though I was told I need chemo another op and rads, then tablets I felt relieved that I know what was in store and so now preparing.
Remember to write down questions to ask.
Will be thinking of you.xxx

Sending hugs. Xx


Hi again and thanks for all the lovely replies 


Thank you Jencat, chasanddave, Chaffinch17  and Sib, for the good luck wishes, hugs and and welcomes, much appreciated.


Happygolucky280, sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with this disease and wish you all the best for your scans.


CK I am also not sleeping well at the moment. Seeing someone at Macmillan tomorrow who is going to help me with some mindfulness which I hope will help.


The oncology team were really nice today and although I had some butterflies beforehand, I felt much better afterwards. I did write down some questions, but they also answered some of these before I even needed to ask. I explained my need for lots of detail and information and they seemed happy with that. I do feel better now that I have a plan, it’s the unknown that is harder to cope with. It’ll be FEC T and Herceptin. I did ask about partial radiotherapy to the breast, but apparently owing to the grade and Her 2 status, it would be best for me to have full breast radiotherapy. I just feel grateful to have these treatments available to me.


I am meeting with the clinical nurse specialist next week to get bloods done and to go over any questions I may have, before starting on 6th September.


Rhona xx

Hi Rhona
Yes you are feeling like I felt, even though we have a journey but at least we know what the treatment plan is and when it starts so we can organise and prepare ourselves.
Time for wigs and hats now! I got a free hat from Maggie’s Centre today and joined up for some classes, that is if I’m ok to go!
We start our chemo in the same week so lets keep in touch.
Lots of love.xxx

Hi CherryBakewell
You do what you feel is right for you! That’s what matters! We are all different and have different circumstances and personalities but we all have one thing in common and on the road to recovery!x

Hi Rhona
Yes, we have time to prepare and stock up with sweets, creams, wig and hats etc
Mum’s arriving from overseas tomo morning which is good but it’s a bit of a crap situation for her to visit but she will understand when I’m not feeling up to stuff, but will be nice to have her around.x


Hi Cherry Bakewell (great name) and CK


I agree, each to their own re this experience, if I can call it that. We’ve all got to get through this in the way that works for us individually. I’ve even thought about just having a bare head, but whether I’d have the confidence or if it would be too cold I don’t know.


CK hope you have a nice time with your mum, despite the situation.


I’m having terrible insomnia at the moment. Felt good after seeing the oncologist, but now having second thoughts about herceptin even though it’s about 3 months into the future before it is due. Hoping the mindfulness with the Macmillan wellbeing practitioner might help me with not worrying about this.



Hi Rhona
Mum is keeping me distracted and telling me not to worry about chemo, it’s not as bad as I think!
Why are you having second thoughts about Herceptin? I need to have rhat for 18 months
Have you tried mediation apps on the phone or Lavender spray on pillow?xx

I’ve finding that making myself busy distracts me feom the wandering m8nd too. I have rhings planned everyday up to my chemo starting date. Yes, it’s always at the back of my mind (how can it not be?) but life needs to go on.xx

I rhink I could imagine you with a suit, high heals, and a lovely hat with a scarf tied round it and a large Chanel handbag!!!:slight_smile:

Hi all I know I am being previous haven’t even had 2nd surgery yet or ct scan so chemo is a way off st the moment but my hubby is off Tuesday following my hospital appointment at 10 so I am going looking at wigs but I have told him he needs to try one on first ? As we are in Birmingham I might get him some little round glasses and get him to do his best Ozzy OSbourne impression x

That’s only fair Sue !! are you thinking of going for something different to your usual style ?

No idea got an appointment Tuesday at 12 ?X

As long as you find something you feel comfortable with.

My internet playing up just typed a reply and it blooming vanished. My appointment is a 12 on Tuesday and they said will take an hour they were recommended to me and their site has lots of useful info they accept NHS voucher but as I haven’t got mine yet said still go I have told hubby I want 2 wigs (being a brat) but at the moment I think if I said I wanted the moon he would try to get it I am using someone called www.pinkhairsolutions.co.uk and just spotted they do glue on eyebrows too. Rhona do you know what you want I haven’t got a clue x let me know how you get on x