It my frist meeting with an oncology in the week. What will he tell me - what will i ask.


They nor tell you all about the chemo your gona have how many treatments if any other scans are needed it’s hard to know what to ask as they norm cover everything and it sometimes comes down to personal choice but what ever comes into y head even if u think it may be silly just write it down and ask

hi, you are going to feel so much better once you talk to your oncology team. they will tell you again exactly what sort of cancer they think you have and wether they think it might of spread out of your breast and what treatment they can give you.

Are you going by yourself? or do you have a partner or friend to go with you?

I saw that you are having bone scans, so have a different type of cancer to me, i am sure someone with your symptoms will be along to advise you what to ask

Assume if you are having bone scans they suspect IbC - I have had bone scan and ct scan and started my first chemo on Friday, that went ok and first two days were ok I felt well and kept taking the tablets so no sickness,. managed to to to a BBQ last night and had a dance to live band which was good.
Today I hit the brick wall, extremely tired and weepy but I have been told to expect this for about a week and then I should start to pick up. Chose my wigs so I intend to get my head shaved before it starts to fall out.
The onc will explain everything they are very good and mine told me the treatment will be changed as and when necessary depending on how I react to it. our life in their hands so just have to sit back, relax and take whatever is given and pray it works.There have been amazing new drugs over the past few years so the odds are definitely in our favour now. Good luck

They will explain everything and gain your consent for treatment. They should give you plenty of time to ask questions… what do you want to ask them? Making a list is a good idea… having someone in with you is good to, to listen to the bits you miss. There is no such thing as a silly question! They should explain treatment plan; side effects; effect of treatment; what to do/who to call for advice (24 hours a day my dear!) Should tell you how to go about getting your wig (though I didn’t get that informatin till 2nd assessment appts with the nurse)… can’t think of anything else… I had a bone scan and CT scan too - both fine… my oncologist (eventually) said to me “it’s our aim to keep you symptom-free”… so hang on to that! In general, the medical staff who gravitate towards cancer care are gems… (you’ll read the exceptions on here, but I’ve found most of them fantastic) So, don’t be afraid… and we’re here for you! Jane