Oncotest DX - information please



I’m hoping that someone can help - i have posted this in a thread in the Radio section, but not sure right place.


I just had my first onc appt, at which he told me i was in a “grey area” for chemo, he wasn’t telling me what to do (ie not telling i needed it but wasnt going ot say dont do it) and that it was my decision, gave me a week to think about it! I was not expecting this to be so unclear cut. Went home and read about this test. Called my BCN who said she would ask him about this, so she called me today and said he had told her that the test was only for post-menopausal women - which i know to be completely untrue. Also that the funding was not in place yet.


Now - on this thread there are women (and maybe i read it wrong) who have had the test on the NHS and paid privately


  1. Is the test avilable on the NHS or not?? If yes is it area dependant?

  2. If i want to pay for this myself how do i go about this? Who does the test? Does the hospital take care of all the arrangements?

  3. I note one lady paid in installments, over what time period are these going to be?

  4. How long does it take to get the results?

  5. How could the consultant get this so wrong re who the test is suitable for!?


Any input is greatly appreciated!





Hi nscooby

Along with the help you will find here our helpliners are back in the morning at 10am until 2pm so please feel free to call to talk your queries over on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC


I’m treated on NHS and my oncologist recently told me that:

  • Oncotye DX is at present funded by NHS but only for people who do not have any lymph node involvement.

  • NICE have supported use of the Oncotype DX where there is no lymphnode involvement.

  • NHS plan to stop funding it even in cases where there is no node involvement from ? September this year.


If you have nodes involved, you should at the present time be entitled to NHS funding of this test, but if you don’t have nodes involved NHS won’t fund it.


Some breast units have a fund which they can did into for top up funding for wigs etc, it might be worth asking for a contribution towards the test if you decide/need to go ahead privately.


Good luck, Macky 

Thanks for reply. Do you know where I can find information on that or where it states that is the case. I’m going back Monday and I want to he armed with all I can.

I have no node involvement.

My onc has said it’s for post men women and funding isn’t sorted. Which quite frankly I know to be complete BS. I have the info I need on the post menopausal not being the case.

Obviously I don’t want to pay privately, but feel this test is of immense benefit in my circumstance. I feel so angry it’s out there and I am being fobbed off.