oncotype dx

Hi everyone

has anyone had an oncotype dx to help their decision to proceed to chemo

Can anyone share experience veiws etc



Hi Poppy
I had this test done a few months ago. Although onc didn’t recommend chemo for me, when I looked at other people with similar or better signs than me who were being advised to have it, I started investigating. I had bilateral/multifocal lobular, but clean nodes, biggest was 2.2cm. My results came back at the upper end of low risk of recurrence and would not benefit much if at all from chemo, so got a bit of reassurance from that.
One problem I did have with it was that the NHS surgeon wouldn’t action it even though I was willing to pay, so I had to go to a private onc, and pick up the samples myself. Was a bit weird.
Good luck with your decision.

Thamks shelli

I can have test as have medical insurance however would like to no more about it

Hi Poppy
I had the test just over a year ago as I was borderline for chemo in my surgeon’s and onco’s opinion. I had lobular 4.9cm highly hormone+. My insurance paid for the test , samples of your tumour are sent to the States where they do a series of genetic tests on them and the results predict your chance of recurrence… It took 2 weeks to get the result… They have a good website… worth a look
PS I didn’t have chemo

Hi PoppyD, I also had the test done and very similar to QORT’s experience. Was DX’d in November last year and had WLE and no node involvement. Onc was relatively set on not recommending chemo but suggested the test anyway which my insurance covered too. I came back in the low recurrence risk end of the scale so this was just extra peace of mind (if there is such a thing post BC!!) I also checked out their website in the US and thought it was pretty clearly explained.

I would go for it as you can cover the costs with your insurance…shame it’s not more readily available to everyone. Best wishes…Zax


Thanks everyone

Poppy X

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