oncotype results no chemo

Hi I was diagnosed with IDC 14 mm with DCIS 20mm, no lymph nodes, clear margins grade 3. The onocologist told me I was borderline for chemo so had the oncotype test done. I received the results today which is an oncotype score of 20 and chemo is not recommended. Just wanted to let others know that with a grade 3 there is a chance of no chemo. I am awaiting the brca gene test result if this is positive I would have a Double Mx with no radiotherapy. Otherwise the next step is radiotherapy. 

Great news Kim,fingers crossed for the genetic test .

Kim, that is fantastic news :slight_smile: xx

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Hi Kimucoughdrop

Such good news for you!!! you must be soo made up!

Thank you for letting us know - :smileyvery-happy:

Sue xx 


Brca gene negative so its radiotherapy now.

Hi Kimucoughdrop. Do you mind me asking how old you are? I have had a very similar diagnosis - grade 3 1cm IDC with DCIS. Going back in for SNB and re excision due to margins, and have been told chemo is likely due to my age. I am 39.

Great news about your BRCA gene result!

Hi Kim, I am going to be assessed for genetic testing in September. My mum and sister both had it. How much family history do you have, and how long did the process all take? Great that yours was negative. Are you ER+? Did you have single mx or lumpectomy? Debbie xx

I am 50 just 51 next week. I had a WLE and SNB which was clear. My tumour was 14mm but had DCIS up to 20mm. I am Er + PR + HER2 neg grade 2 on biopsy but upgraded to 3 after WLE. I had my operation on the 19th May under local anaesthetic due to throat problems. I have just started on tamoxifen which is it not that easy as its giving me lots of hot flushes . Seeing the radiologist today to sort out radiotherapy plan. Since my diagnosis I gave had a MRI on back and hip,as I have had really bad hip pain but that was clear. Also had a liver scan which was clear. I am trying to be healthy and not be stressed which is easier said than done with all of this. Debbie what was your oncotype score ? 

My Mum has had breast cancer - 13 years ago. She has IDC 2cm grade 2  with grade 3 elements. she had to have a second op as they didn’t get clear margins . She had radio no chemo and tamoxifen and she is fine. My grandmother had it she had a mastectomy no other treatment and died of something else aged 93. A lot of females on my mothers side have died of either breast cancer or ovarian. I am seeing the genetics Dr today because he wants to measure my head because there is a condition that connects thyroid and breast cancer ( I had thyroid cancer 16 years ago) this condition gives you a big head ! I have been asking everyone if my head is bigger than average and they all say no ! The rollercoaster continues . 

My Brca test took three weeks but they rushed it through because they may have done a double MX if positive and I would not have needed radiotherapy if that was the case. Because the Brca was neg it’s all systems go for the radiotherapy . I am a bit worried it’s going to be a long time from surgery to radiotherapy now after all these tests I have had . 

Hi Kim.  I’m 54. So you had lumpectomy? I had ICD 22mm with another area behind nipple (which turned out to be nothing much) but on strength of which I had left mx. Scans before op were flashing up things all over the place - womb, ovaries, liver, other breast - all ok but dreadful round of more tests! My onco score was 8 so no chemo or radio. I’m on monthly injections of letrazol in tum (or could have ovaries out then wouldn’t have to have) and daily anastrazole. I have heard that triple negative are more likely to be brca positive, also that they like you to have a grandmother with it - so think they prob won’t want to test me. It’s all a right nuisance isn’t it?! xx