One more week

Well one week today is my op and started to get a tad scared. Not sure if its the op or pain im scared about or what it will look like afterwards.
Trying so hard to put a front on to everyone but getting tired trying to. I feel like if i talk about it to the ones who are close i will cry and if i cry this b***dy thing has beat me.
Oh well onwards and upwards… in the middle of cleaning all my windows plus 3 kids hanging onto my legs… plus its a big conny iv got arghhhhh.

good luck to everyone going through tests today, thinking of you all.
claire xx

Hi Claire

I know what you are going through at the moment, a lot of it is fear of the unknown. I had my op on 4th Jan and had no idea what to expect, only been in hospital to have 2 babies. For me everything went really well, the fear went to some extent when I went into hospital. Everyone was so lovely , getting me through with much kindness. I couldn’t believe it was all over when I woke up and my pain was minimal, leaving hospital with just paracetamol 2 days later.

You sound like you have your hands full with 3 little ones, it will be hard for you to leave them. Make sure you say yes to any offers of help that will be given to you.

I do hope everything goes well for you.

I will be thinking of you.

Jackie xxx

Hi Claire

Good luck for next week. I have my first appointment on 21st after a referral for nipple discharge, so I will probably be on here most days if you want to talk. Im not sure what you are having done, but if you need a chat I should be around, apart from when my nutty kids are here (3 teenagers) they will get worried if they see me on here again (we had a scare last year)

Speak to you soon
Yvonne x

Hi Jackie & Yvonne,

Thank you for your messages of support. I know i will be fine but its still scarey the thought of being out of control.
Jackie - Im going in to have a total ductal excision. I had discharge from my nipple and had one duct removed in Sep and going back to have them all out. I hope yours turns out to be nothing to worry about and you will be fine.
I know about trying not letting the kids see the web site ur on cos im the same with my 12 yr old but the other 2 are far too little to notice.

take care
claire xx

Hi Claire and Yvonne

Claire - I’m so sorry you’re having to go in again, it seems so unfair.

Yvonne - I will keep everything crossed for you.

Keep in touch

Jackie xx

Thanks girls. I dont know if you feel like I do but Im kind of glad Ive got the kids to keep me busy. Its when Im on my own that I get worried. I had the shock of my life when I saw the discharge it looks like liquid liquorice but the doc thinks theres blood there too. One side has two different colours coming out (yellow and black definately clashes). I think it could be something to do with my menopause, everything else has gone up the wall why not the boobs.

Last year I went with lumps on the right side and they found a lump on the left it had microcalcifications so they removed it all in one go, no further treatment thank god. Now this! And they say men are the stronger sex lol.

Im glad your op went ok Jackie x

speak to you both soon

Yvonne xx

Hi Claire

I’m going in a week today as well. I got the jitters last night about it. I think it’s normal. It’s our minds preparing us so that it’s not all such a shock it’s totally human.

And crying doesn’t mean this thing has beat you, quite the opposite it’s a really healthy way to let it all out so to speak and everyones says it’s important to stay positive so try and sit in the sun and take yourself to places physically and mentally that calm you. For example I live in the Lake District so on Sunday my soon to be hubby and I went to Haweswater and layed on a big rock staring down at the glistening lake it was so warm lying there so I just think of being there and I feel better. But it’s fine to let it out too.

I would say don’t be scared but that would be hypocritical of me because I keep having waves of being terrified… thinking of sitting by the lake, sitting by the lake :wink:


Forgot to say I’m having a bilateral mastectomy and keep reading these people referring to using their good arm.

That’ll by the arm of my OH then :wink:

Hello Angie,

I live in Lancashire so im not that far from you. Me and hubby come and stay at the lakes on our romantic nights away… well for me its romantic for hubby hes just happy cos he on a promise for the weekend lol.
Im going to try and 10 mins to myself without the kids this week and sit in my conny with the sunshine beating in and get to that happy place. For me its the thought of that walk down to the op room and climbing onto that bed then waking up to see the state iv been left in.
Is it a lump you have that has to come away?
When is the happy day you go from being Miss to Mrs?
Have to go as kids r fighting over the Wii… world war 4… 3 was yesterday !!!

take care
claire xx