one nodule on lung after local reccurance

had ct scan after local reccurance, scan was clear bur foung one nodule on lung, another ct scan end of jan 2012 has anybody else had this.

I know I had a nodule show up on my liver after a CT scan. It was just a cyst.

I really hope that yours is just as worrying!! I’m now 3 years after tat CT scan and am enjoying life.

These new scans show all sorts of problems. They pick up all sorts of things which aren’t a worry. Things we’ve had for years.

Take care
Marilyn x

Hi I’m not trip neg but I have mets. A CT I had last year found lung nodules which were later ruled out as BC completely. They can pop up if you’ve had contact with anyone with chickenpox (I had.)
Hope all will be well…x

thanks all for your replys, my oncolgist said not to worry eveybody has nodules its quite common, but you still do happy new year to you all x x

hi ladies,
just been dx today with multiple lung mets starting chemo tomorow, and also herceptin. hope all you ladies are well x x

Dear lollipop59

I am new to this forum and I was reading your post. I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you have been diagnosed with mets to the lungs. Lets hope the chemotherapy treatment is as effective as possible for you. Karen X

hi karen,
thankyou and how are you when was you dx i am doing ok with chemo and herceptin much better than before.
lorraine x

Hi Lorraine

I am doing fine. I was first diagnosed Sep 2009 Basal Triple Negative tumour IDC grade 3. I had lumpectomy Jan 2010 after four rounds of chemo (The tumour did not respond to treatment so my chemotherapy was withdrawn). I was diagnosed with a second breast cancer in other breast in Oct 2011 (contralateral breast cancer) but thankfully it was DCIS grade 3 this time but same pathology as my first tumour i.e. was not fuelled by hormones. So I had a bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction in Dec 2011 and they are recommending that I have my ovaries removed soon. I am BRCA 1 of ‘unknown significance’ with a strong family history. I just feel very tired at the moment but I guess that is to be expected.
Thank you for asking Lorraine - especially given all the stuff you are goingthrough right now. Thinking of you,
Karen X