One or two questions about rads...

Hi ladies. I’m due to start rads soon, and hope you don’t mind if I ask a couple of questions.

First, can I join the rads gang?!

The main thing that is worrrying me, is going into the CT scanner, when I have my marking up session. I’m a bit claustrophobic, and I’m dreading it. Do they come really close to your face? What happens exactly? I know I sound like a bit of a wuss, but I’ve always hated enclosed spaces, and won’t even go in a lift!

I hope someone can put my mind at ease. The actual treatment isn’t worrying me, it’s just that bit!

Thank you!

Lyn - You don’t have to go inside anything when you have the planning, so you can STOP WORRYING NOW! It’s basically like an X ray and the plates are moved around you as you lie on the bed. Nothing comes very close and it’s not at all claustrophobic. Rads are a breeze, don’t worry about anything.
What a shame you’ve been feeling like this. I’m with you 100% cos I hate MRIs and think I need to be knocked out next time!

You will be absolutely fine. It doesn’t involve going into a CT scanner (at least mines didn’t) and the machine with the beam that lines up to your tattoos moves round you into position. Everything is explained to you at the planning session (I was taken into an office to have everything explained to me by a member of staff before the planning session took place and was given ample opportunity to ask any questions). They also explain that during the actual rads sessions the machine makes a noise, but after the first one or two you will get used to it. Once I was in position my actual zapping was 90 seconds I think. The whole thing was done and dusted in 20 minutes every day, that was inclusing getting undressed and dressed again.

My radiographers had cds on every day in the background. One day I got done to the theme from Star Wars and I was trying not to laugh as you must stay completely still.

Also due to start my rads soon and have fear of enclosed spaces. Thanks rareybird & cherub for re-assurance.
Good luck LynB1.


What CT scanner, who an earth told you that…I didnt have one either you just lie on the bench and the machine revolves around your bust area about 8 inches away…if you copy this link and put it into your browser at the top of the pc page. scroll down to the bottom of the link page you will see what the machine should look like.

Love Pam


I too am a new member to the rads gang! I had my planning session last thurs and am now all tattoo’d and raring to go. I am having 15 sessions and they start on Nov 5th.

The planning session was really ok and there was certainly no CT scanner involved! The machine they used didn’t even get very close to me at all really. I get claustrophobic but the machine they used was absolutely fine. The worst part was trying to stay still as I am usually a terrible fidget!!

I hope all goes well with your planning session,

Take care,


Hi ladies! Just received a letter from Addenbrookes, and I have to go for my rads planning session on Nov 1st. I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit nervous, although I don’t know why! I don’t know how many sessions I’m having yet; apparently they’ll tell me that on the day. Once this is over, that’s it for me, except for Tamoxifen! My prognosis is really good, (98% chance of a full recovery), but I’m still scared of the future, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever really know peace of mind again.

Thank you all for your reassuring replies.

My planning session is nov 6th(delayed as they lost my paperwork). i was told i’d have a gct scan 1st and i’m having 25 sessions.

linda xx