One step at a time and breathe.....

Good evening lovely ladies,


So I had my pre-surgery assessment today (all booked for 20th September) before I head off to the Lake District on Saturday for a week of serious hill climbing, serious quality time with my partner, sister and her partner and some serious practice of my right hand and a large glass or zillion of Sauvignon Blanc!!!


All of a sudden the little BC blighter is bang slap back in the room when I had put it in away nicely in a cupboard (I’m not in pain and I don’t feel ill…zzzzzzz).  So it’s really real - it’s only taken me about 6 weeks to come to terms with the words ‘breast cancer’ in the diagnosis letter with my name and address on it!!!


Such a whirlwind today taking in all the information, check in to the hospital at 7.30 on 20th Sept, 9.00 am wire inserted, 9.30 radiactive injection, then surgery - lumpectomy G2 IDC and sentinel node biopsy  -etc, etc, etc.  Appointment with the physiotherapist afterwards and… so it goes on.


It feels like a game of snakes and ladders to be honest - I’ve only been here a few weeks and it’s clear to see everyone’s journey is so different and changes to treatment plans do come up so I’m not going to pin my hopes on anything right now - time to go with the flow which is SO not me!!!


If Jill is reading tonight, I have been told to stop the Valerian tablets for the sleep issues as they apparently interfere with the general anaesthetic!!  So just lavender oil for me tonight.


I’ve been flat out with work this week (getting ready to disappear for a while) and I’ve not been keeping up with all the threads and activities of the ladies here - I just want to apologise for this as I genuinely care for everyone in this forum xxx





No need to apologise, Anita, the forum’s here whenever anyone wants to join in.
Your plan is now in place, so it will soon be sorted. My diagnosis & treatment plan was very similar to yours & for me, it was all straightforward & there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be for you.
Have a well deserved fab time away, it will certainly help, especially the Sauvignon blanc !!
ann x

Absolutely one step at a time! Its the only way to get through it xx

Don’t apologise Anita, you’ve certainly had a lot going on xx

Anita have a fabulous holiday x sometimes just writing things down makes you feel better and no apologised needed here xx

Morning anitajane
‘The next step to recovery’ is how I’m thinking for every treatment I have. Here’s wishing you a successful operation with good results.

For someone who has been so in control of my life, running a business, bringing up a 20 year old on my own, raising over £200,000 for local charities with no family around me it has been extremely HARD not being in control yet I’ve come to terms rhat I can only wait and do what they tell me and go with the flow as you put it.
Most of us hear are going through similar procedures and are here to share our experiences and support so when you are ready please come on again to have a chat.xx