One Stop Clinics?

Hi all again

As some of you will know I’m off to the clinic on the 23rd after finding a lump in my left breast, I won’t go into it all again but I was wondering…I know at one stop clinics that you have all the relevant tests done on the same day, but do you get your results the same day too or do you have to wait?

Thanks in advance.

Debbi xx

Hi Debbi,

I think that It depends on what time your appointment is. I had a 12 pm appt. and was told that I would not get my results until the tuesday (this was on a thursday). Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I did get my results on the same day as they had to do a core biopsy as a result of the mammogram. My sister had a 10am appt. and got her results at 11.30am.

I hope that this is helpful and good luck for the 23rd

Kat x

Hi Kat

Thanks for the info, my app is not till one so I guess I best prepare myself to wait for the results.

Thanks again

Debbi xx

All hospitals are different. I had the last appointment of the day at 12pm. They do not see new referrals in the afternoon. I am guessing that as you have an afternoon appointment then you will get a good indication of the result. When I said ‘my results’ it was more in the form of ‘the liklehood that it was cancer and the core biopsy would confirm it’- which it did when I went on the tuesday but I already knew that it was a ‘confirmed’ diagnosis as I read the signs- I am a nurse so know how to read between the lines, also the fact that they were ‘so sorry’ for having to do the core biopsy!

Stay positive and best wishes for next week

Kat x

Thanks again Kat, I’m trying hard to stay positive and hoped it would get easier as the days go by but its not, I can’t stop messing with the lump, getting a little braver every time and pressing a bit harder, I noticed a ridge running through the center of the lump today, its quite a bumpy lump too, not smooth as I had originally thought, what I would give to be able to see into my self right now but I guess we all have the same thoughts at times like this, self mental torture is not a good thing, still, the 23rd isn’t that far off.

Bless you Kat and thanks for your replies.

Debbi xx


My appt at the breast clinic was at 3.20pm and of course I didn’t actually get in to see the doc till 4.20pm but they managed to fit in an ultrasound, needle biopsy and a mamogram and get me in to see the consultant for results by 7pm that evening. The next day I had a core biopsy and met my oncologist and my chemo started the very next week.

Good luck with your appt.


I know what you mean by touching the lump all the time. I did the same, especially when I was in bed. Part of me was making sure that it was still there as I felt that I had gone a bit far with getting referred to the clinic and part of me was hoping that it had disappeared. The mind plays tricks on you and we have to ride it out- the waiting game. The 23rd will be here before you know it.

Kat x