One Word Poems....

If things get too sticky over the Holidays, you can divert your attention to this thread. I will start if off by giving one word. So how about this. Someone gives a word and the next person that comes along gives a poem about said word, or has the word in the poem. Be nice and let others in the rotation though. This is original writing through, so please only stuff you have written yourself. It doesn’t have to be one you just came up with off the top of your head, but that works too Smile

first word : Quickly

example for next poster:

Quickly came the rabbit
running through the field
stealthily gathering carrots
for his Christmas meal…

New Word: Slowly


Slowly went the hours
Waiting for the phone
Looking at the raindrops
feeling so alone

New word Magic

Magic the moment
she heard his footsteps arrive
Her heart now opened
…she felt so wonderfully alive


I wonder what today will bring
As i open my eyes wide
The sun is shining through the curtain
As i take a peek out side…


Memories of childhood
Firelight and Christmas bells
Walking in Winter woods
Pine trees and cooking smells.


I think about tomorrow
wondering what will be
as I am lost in thought
looking at the Christmas tree

junie -
we need a new word …


I’ll have another go taking ‘tree’ as the new word!

Tree standing tall in the wood
Pride in its leaves
Dropping as Autumn comes
Silently it grieves.

New word Sunshine

Where there is sunshine
there are also shadows.

Where there is warmth and light
there will also be dark and frightening places.

One does not come without the other
for they travel hand in hand.

Brave the shadows
and bask beneath the light

It’s all we can do.

New word: Woman

Woman looks in a mirror and dreams
Of futures and hope without fear.
The sunlight casts shadows and seems
To be hiding a threat that is near.

new word Joy

Two Red Kites in courtly flight.
A pair no doubt.
Their joy enters my soul.
Like sunlight through half closed eyes.

New word: River

A river of tears
permeates my soul
A river of joy
replaces it with newness
A river of pain
engulfs my heart
A river of Hope
beckons me to continue

new word - Stream

A stream meanders through the fields

So clear and bright and blue

Our dreams and hopes flow with it

Kept alive for me and you

New word - rainbow

Spectrum of colour
Archway in heaven
Search for the answer
Find new beginnings
At the end of the rainbow
Gather your winnings.

New word-snowstorm

Thick woolly hat on
nose all aglow
out in the garden
playing in the snow
More coal on the fire
wet clothes to be dried
snowstorm is coming
everyone inside.

New word -January

A clean, new, fresh and baby
new year emerges
Can it be a slate as wide open as
a Kansas field is open to each of us
Despite my own cynicism, I look forward
to this fresh new start
called January
our new year unfolding even as we blink

new word = February

Hearts and flowers
Freezing showers
Christmas past
Summer nears
Will joy outlast
February fears?

new word baby

Baby pink,baby blue,
babies come in ones and twos
small snubed noses
clear blue eyes
hungry bellies,pierceing cries,
Who would believe
such tiny mights
could cause so many
sleepless nights!

new word- soulful

Fairy lovers arms entwined
snowbound forest silverlined,
silent shadows black as coal
crystal snowflakes reach their goal
All beneath the woodland bed
lie sleeping creatures warm and fed
whilst Pan on his pipes plays a soulful tune,
neath twinkling stars and silver moon.

new word- wish