One year on - worrying news

I had my first mammo, since my WLE last August, 3 weeks ago and was thinking all must be fine as the radiographer said “no news was likely to be good news”. Today I have received an appointment for an ultrasound on the other breast as they think it would be “helpful” to complete the examination. My brain has gone into overdrive and I am so worried it has returned. I had a mixed cancer before also found on mammo (no lumps felt or node involvement)which was IDC and Invasive lobular. I know lobular can often be in both breasts but I was reassured last year that they were happy only one breast was affected.
I know theres not much that can be said about all of this as I don’t know what I’m dealing with but I just needed to talk bout it and I know lots of ladies on here will understand.


Hi Laurasue,

I have had my first yearly mammo, post op, and as I had lobular I was given an ultrasound on the remainng boob in additon to the mammo. so maybe some one just slipped up in giving you the ultrasound. I know everything is a worry isnt it, the nurses only have to raise any eyebrow for me to go into overdrive.

take care x

Chris - I have sent you a PM. There is every chance that this will be nothing to worry about, but we can all imagine how you must be feeling. I wasn’t given the option of an ultrasound even though mine was lobular, just the mammogram. It would be more reassuring if they just did it as a matter of course.

I do so hope it is all ok. I shall be thinking of you.

Love Ann xxx

Thank you ladies, that is so reassuring to hear. Especially that you had an ultrasound, truffle shuffle, after your first mammo post op. I’m assuming all was ok for you. Also thank you for making me smile truffle, that what I need at times like this.

I have the ultrasound on Tuesday morning so will let you know.

Had WLE August 09 and had my first mammo last Tuesday. Was also offered ultrasound the same appointment which I wasnt expecting. Is great they are being thorough but I wonder why they dont just offer the ultrasound instead of putting us through the mammo too, as normally they seem to discover the lumps via ultrasound rather than mammo or have I got that wrong?
Lady that was doing the ultrasound was hovering over the scar area for a long long time and I asked if all was ok and she said just need to check that area more thoroughly. At the end of the scan she did say she couldnt see anything untowards but said cant comment on the mammo as not qualified for that so I guess sometimes things do show up on the mammo and not the Ultrasound. Didnt think to ask the lady doing the mammo if she has spotted anything as just wanted it over and done with. I find Ultrasound is more “relaxing” for want of a better word. Easier to chat with the lady for a start. Mind you she did keep asking me when was my op and is this my first scan, any problems etc which was a bit disconcerting, especially when she asked me the third time lol. Hope it was just small talk.

Anyway, waiting for results now.

My tumour was not detected by mammogram as I had the ‘all clear’ letter then one month down the line felt my lump and was referred etc. I have since discussed this and will now have MRI scans instead of mammograms as I have ‘dense’ breast (a bit like me I think) and given my history they they feel this is the best treatment - although this in itself has downsides ie MRI picks everything up so will probably go through some anxious times worrying about recalls etc…

However I did have a scare a few weeks ago in that my Onc found another lump on my ‘good’ breast. I had an ultra sound scan on this and again the doc was very very through -asking me loads and loads of questions re previous scans, previous mammograms and my general history. He spent ages on the scan and was very thorough - and asked questions again and again (whether he forgot the answers or was just checking I am not sure) but anyhow my ‘lump’ was a harmless cyst and I had it drained. I was lucky in that I got the results straight away via my BCN who also drained it at the same time.

I do think they are extra careful given our history which is a good thing - but then again we do worry and we read loads into things either said or unsaid and more tests in itself is a worry - but then again its reassuring when you get good news! so fingers cross all will be well.

I wish they had given me an ultrasound as well, as I had lobular bc. I have lots of scar tissue as I have a long scar. I have just had the first anniversary mammogram, which although they said it was ok, I do worry.

Good luck to everyone waiting for investigations and results.

Ann x

hi- not often on here these days, but wanted to let you know am thinking of you xx

Hi Chipper thank you very much for your good wishes its appreciated. I had stopped using this site so much too, but of course now I have this new worry I have come back its so good to know its here to air anxieties and be supported.

Chris x

Fingers crossed for Tuesday, Chris. Hopefully, they will be able to put your mind at rest there and then.

Ann xxx

GOOD NEWS thank goodness!! when I had my ultrasound this morning the Dr who did the scan told me the problem was an enlarged duct/cyst. She didn’t seem remotely concerned about this. I asked if it needed a biopsy and was told no not necessary, just to continue with normal follow-up. I see my surgeon in a few weeks anyway so will discuss this with her then.

It is such a relief as I really feared the worse again. Thanks for all your support.


Fantastic news Chris

Brilliant news Chris.

Still waiting here for results.

How wonderful, Chris!!! Phew, what a relief!

Hope you can celebrate tonight - and that everyone else has such good news.

Ann xxx

phew ! excellent news :slight_smile: was trying to get on all day yesterday to check on you but site was so slow…relax and celebrate ! xxJxx

thank you so much ladies! I know it sounds cheesey but I really am looking at the world in a new way today. I have everything crossed for you gocat, I hope they don’t keep you waiting too much longer. As we all know it so much easier to cope if we know exactly what we have to deal with.

Chris xx

Hi Chris,
So pleased for you, love to hear good news!
Also my grandson would be impressed to hear Dr Who did your scan!
Sandra xxx

Hi Chris

So pleased you had good news

J xxx

Wishing you good luck gocat