Ongoing breast pain and lumpy tissue....3 month wait to be seen at breast clinic


Hi I am a 29 year old with ongoing problems. 

Since about the age of 17 I have had lumpy breasts and discharge from both nipples but mainly the left.


January 2015 I started gettting more problems, originally it was the left side that was causing problems. I was on holiday in Poland with my partner and got an appointment at an ultrasound clinic privately. He scanned the left breast and said the breasts were like that because I hadn’t yet had children, he said once a woman has children the breast changes again becuase of the ducts and so on. He scanned my nodes on my left side but as I was only presenting with problems in the left he only briefly checked the right. 

In June 2015 I registered with a new GP practice as I do seasonl work and the GP said he was going to refer me to the breast clinic as my breasts did not appear ‘normal’ had puckering on both just above the areola. I was seen in July 2015 at the clinic and the specialist did a brief breast  examination and said I was fine. 

In August I went back to my GP (a different Dr as we only get one day off a week) with a bruise on my left breast, she said my breasts were just lumpy but fine. I then went back again just feeling something was not right and a different Dr yet again said she didn’t have any concerns but would offer me an appointment in October to settle my mind and see how they felt at a different stage of my cycle. In October she also said she felt everything was fine but right breast was more lumpy than left, she did a exam of my nodes on both sides also.

In September I started getting pain in my upper chest, shoulder, pectoral muscle area also going in to the armpit all on the right side. I put this down to my housekeeping job, I make beds everyday and thought it could be with repetitive strain. 

November 2015 my right breast got bigger than my left breast, the upper quadrent towards the armpit was where most of the lumpy tissue was. Still having pain in pec muscles and armpit.

Early December 2015 my right breast stayed slightly bigger than my left but does have more dense tissue in it and more lumps so could be from swelling. Also feels so much heavier and fuller than left. Had my physio referral about pain in shoulder and physio suggested I go back to GP about breast pain. Saw my GP end of Dec (a different one again as have just recently moved back home after working away and she agreed that the right did look a little different and that she would refer me to breast clinic but I shouldn’t lose sleep about it). 

January 2016 was in bed with pain on the 3rd and 4th coming from my right breast mainly and also the shoulder and armpit pain. Went back to GP (again a different one as it was a locum) and she said she would try me on a course of anti biotics in case it was mastitis. 

I called the breast clinic yesterday to see how my refferal was coming on and they said the consultant had reviewed my GP’s referral and had decided I was just to be seen as a routine appointment so will be 12 weeks and def not before end of March. 

I went back to my GP this morning and showed my concern at this waiting time and how was I to control my anxiety, she did another breast exam and said in my age group with breast pain it will normally always be hormonal and I should continue wearing my support bra all day and to bed and start on evening primrose oil. 

I just don’t know what to do or think, November/December is the first time the pain in the breasts has lasted all month. The right side is more painful, there was no decrease in the lumps at end of my period, and during ovulation my breasts were in such pain, I am around 5 days from this months period so will keep notes on what happens after this one.

I also have my physio review today so will mention again to her that the pain in my pectoral muscles feel a bit better with the exercises she gave me but the heaviness in armpit isn’t any better and it’s sore when I reach up and point. 

My options are I guess try everything to lessen the pain, continue with ibuprofen stay away from coffee, alcohol, fatty foods so on and wait until my appointment in March or does anyone know of any ultrasound clinics I can attend here. I know there is a breast clinic in Glasgow that is private. 

Thank you in advance if anyone reads this, I just needed to write it all down.

Any advise is welcome 

Hi knorg86, 

I am sorry you are going through this anxious and difficult time. I am sure our users will be along soon to show some support and information.

In the meantime please do call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about the pain you have been experiencing and offer a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 


Digital Community Assistant