Ongoing Consultations

My wife has just finished her final rads treatment and the onc has said to come back in 3 mths for a check up. When questioned about blood tests etc, he said that he will base any tests on how she feels at the time.
Can any one advise if this is usual or are there any regular tests, scans etc. she should be having?


Hi pnv

I finished my rads in March this year. I had a follow up appt with my Onc 4 weeks later to check any issues post rads.

As nothing untoward; had a good chat about possible late side-effects and not to worry (but contact them if I was). Had some swelling in underarm appear 3 months later.

Agreed next appt in 4 months (19/08). After that I’ll be due my first of the 5 years mammogramme’s followed by another clinic appt 6 months after my August appt which if all OK I hope to be discharged from the clinic & then only have annual mammogrames.

I never needed blood tests at all except for my pre-op ones. All treatment is individually tailored; I’d give your wife’s breast care nurse a call if she has any concerns/needs more info on what happens in your local area.

What I have found is how each hospital/surgeon/Oncologist seem to have their own ways of doing things.

Take care hope your wife is feeling Ok following her rads.


As SimplesL says, it varies from person to person and hospital to hospital. I finished my rads mid-May and saw an oncologist after about 10 weeks which was literally about five minutes to check my skin, examine my one real breast (if that’s not too indelicate) and ask a few questions. My main follow-up is back at the breast clinic where I started (different hospital) and will be something I want to discuss with them when I see them next month.

I’ve only had blood tests pre-chemo and pre-surgery but I’m sure you wife’s BCN can advise if you are uncertain.

Hope you wife is feeling OK after her rads and is soon able to put all this behind her.

I only carried on having blood tests after rads due to herceptin and even then was allowed to skip between 2/3 sessions due to veins and me deliberately forgetting to remind them - your wife will still be getting over rads for a couple of weeks after final blast - I would go with her Onc and let her have a rest from the continuos prodding and let her get used to listening to her body again. I was diagnosed Dec 2005 - had 8 chemos - rads - 18 herceptin and completed 5 yrs of tamoxifen - just benefiting from 3 months completley drug free, discharge from clinic and loving it.

good luck


Hi, I was diagnosed in Feb 2010. finished my chemo and rads in November 2010. l see the onc every 6 months and the surgeon every 6 months, l understand as time goes on the visits will be less!! l do have a blood test with the oncologist. turmour marker! seems not many hospitals do this, as it is unreliable, but my onc likes the blood test. so l am happy to have it!

Debs, when l was diagnosed l went into panic mode as l had so many nodes involved, you gave me the support l needed, so good to see you are going strong! as l know you had a lot of nodes too!

Hugs to all