Only 10 days to go now until my Op

Today I had my pre-op appointment. The nurse was very impressed with how positive and clued up I was about my up and coming op. I told her that it was down to you guys on this website. The nurse was not aware of this website but was very impressed with what I told her about it.
I think she was also quite surprised when she did my blood pressure and pulse, as she said that too showed that I was very calm and relaxed. Not sure if this will remain as I get closer and closer to the day of my op.
So now I need to go shopping for maternity or sports bras, one size larger than what I currently wear, large knickers and button up pj’s or nighties.
My hubby is still really worried about my op, I think he is more worried than I am. Thankfully I have had you ladies to chat to, so I know what to expect!
I will try and keep you all posted with my progress, as and when I can get to a computer
Thanks for your help and support so far

Hi Lisa

I have my pre op 30th May and op on 27th June (delayed DIEP), not sure how my blood pressure will be, I have a 2nd grandchild arriving 28th May my other daughters marriage is on the rocks and for some reason all I am doing is sorting the house out!!! I think I have almost all the things I am taking in hospital but I am sure there is something I have missed.
I hope you see these comments as I have been having problems posting etc on the new site.

Good luck



Hi Lisa

I got my post surgery bras from Marks & Spencer’s they are very comfortable and they took the vat off the price.
Good luck for when you have your op

Take care
Gillian xx

I have got nighties and bras from M&S. The bras have a zip up the front so I hope they are ok.
Still feeling very relaxed and calm at the moment, although hubby is freaking out.
I know its going to hurt and be quite uncomfortable for a while and I know all about the drains and stuff, so hopefully having all of that prior knowledge is helping to keep me calm and level headed.
However I do have a question about the recovery process. I have been told that I will be in hospital for approx 6 days and that when I come home all of the drains etc will have been removed. I have also been told that I will be bent over like a banana for a while.
How quickly will I be up and about? my hubby thinks that I am going to be bed ridden when I get home from hospital? I am hoping that I won’t be? Will I be up and about and moving around?
What things can I do and what things can I not do? I know I cannot lift or drive for 4 to 6 weeks? We have a baby who lives with us, when will I be able to pick her up?

thank you Pam this is just what I wanted to hear, now I can put my husbands mind at rest, although I don’t think I will be able to stop him worrying

Hi, good luck. I think the recovery is different for each person. I had double recon one side was diep and other ended up being tram which I think causes more tummy discomfort. I must admit it was really uncomfie when they first sat me up and I didnt expect it being so tight so that did scare me being unaware but again I ended up back in surgery for blood clot (this shows what a good job the nurses do as check you every hour), after 3 days was out of bed all day sitting in chair and pottering back and forward to toilet. It gets so tiring and I was in the hot room for 5 days in the end phew which didnt help. I had all 6 drains out before I left, 4 day after operation. Once home I wasnt bed ridden but did sometimes have a wee nap mid afternoon as pottering was exhausting. I was warned not to lift anything more than a kettle half full and found my breasts caused no discomfort but my tummy was so tight and uncomfie, it took me about 5/6 weeks to be properly upright all day, found i hunched a bit the longer I stood. Im now 12 weeks post op and been on hols and done everything I could on last hols and maybe just avoided a few of the more scary bumpy jolty rides - good excuse as Im a wimp.

Hope it goes well, the first few weeks I felt like it was an uphill battle but it is amazing how much you recover fast and each day gets easier xxx

Hi Lisa I had a mx and expander reconstruction four weeks ago - I was lucky after the op to be placed in a side room with an en suite loo which I was able to stagger my way to a couple of hours after I had come out of the recovery room I had the drains in for five days and soon as they were removed I was able to go home - they would of let me come home with the drains earlier but being a single parent with four kids under ten this was not really a option. I got my sports bras from tescos only £4.00 (bargin!). I managed tesco’s with the help of a friend a day after returning home and managed to wash my hair the day I was discharged (a lot of water ended up on the bathroom floor but hey it was worth it!). The only thing I would definitely recommend depending on the time of your operation is either to take some food with you - my op was an afternoon session and when I was wheeled out of recovery I was really really hungry but had missed the evening meal so it was only due to the nurse donating half her lunchbox to me that I was able to eat!!! or make sure someone can bring something in for you to munch on! The other thing is baby wipes - fantastic for freshing up in hospital and at home - I was told not to shower until the dressings were removed which happened on my follow up appointment two weeks later and the baby wipes were a godsend. Best wishes and let us know how you get on. Gillian did not realise that MandS take off the VAT is this a national thing?

Just got letter to have pre op on 6th june ,haven.t stopped crying all day ?Then I came on here and saw all your comments I feel better thanks , anyone had delayed L D Recon

Hi Lisa. I had a delayed diep recon last September. I was in hospital for a week. All drips and drains were out by day five. I was walking upright before I left hospital. Once I was home I live on my own and was ok looking after myself. I could potter around the house and garden. I got tired quickly and found it useful to have a seat in the shower as I didn’t like to stand for long periods. As far as lifting is concerned I could carry an indoor watering can full of water with no problems., (I used this to water my plants as we had some lovely hot weather last Autumn)!
You will certainly not be bed ridden. The hospital will want you up and sitting in a chair as soon as possible. For me it was the day after my op. you will be getting yourself to the bathroom by about day three once you get rid of the catheter.
I found I got stronger each day and tried to take a short walk each day once home, gradually increasing the distance.
I look after my two year old granddaughter one day a week and started looking after her after six weeks. I still couldn’t lift her at this point but could do everything else.
Good luck. It’s a big op but so worth it.

I too am a New Forest mum and I had a DIEP 2 wks ago . It is fine i hd an LD before . It looks super ! The op is long and i was a bit off my face dor a few days and pretty uncomfy at times but i am upright now and driving and walking around . It is knackering ! I must have bought 30 bras ! By a bra strap expander from m&s as my back went up 2 bras siEs . The first 24 hrs werent as bad as expectef . I quite liles the bear hugger . I found a heated pad for my back helpful as it got sore bent over . Anyway it is a weird old op i reckon i will need 2-4 wks more to be 100% but it is worth it ! Good luck ! Take ear plugs and an eye mask . I alao took some caing eyemasks and a cooling head pad for rhe first 24 hours . I disnt bother with nighties etc just wore my rock n roll t shirt and a pair of cycling shorts !
Good luck !