Only 19 ! worried waiting for appointment

Hello i’m only 19 and I have had very painful breasts and undersarms , I have used every medication possible and no my ribs are hurting so much !?! I have been every medical place possible , im so worried my doctor has refered me to the breast clinic i have to wait a week ! after waiting ages to get the letter as my GP doesn’t think it’s urgent , however i can feel a lump and lots of sqwishy lumps near my under arm , I have a a few dimple under my boobs  which my GP must have seen at my appointment she said she doesnt think its nay bad but , in my opnion my nipple has chnaged and the skin around it has  im so worried all you hear on tv etc is cancer im so worried I check my boobs up to 8 times a time in so worried it changes my mood , I have no family history .At 19 ive never thought of checking my boobs before   why would I , so if it wasnt for the pain I wouldnt have checked , has anyone else have serve pain in breast and underarm I heard breast caner doesn’t have pain accompanied with the early symptoms but it’s not normal and it isn’t stopping what so ever . Any advice and questions will be much appreciated.

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I’ve replied to your other post in the ‘appointments’ thread.


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Just wondered how you’d got on xxx