only had one rad and pain already - is this normal??

Hi all,

I had my first rad session today and was told I should NOT feel any side effects yet but I am really sore with pain in my scar - is this normal? my boob is very pink and hot and sore to touch. god help me with 18 more rads to go!!!

thanks for any advice


Hi Vicky,

I had pain in my scar after a few rads, make sure you mention this to radiologist tomorrow. They can give you cream to help the redness and soreness. Take care

Brenda x

My skin reacted after the first session too. You should have been given cream to rub in if not make sure that you ask tomorrow. Everyones skins is different and there is no way of telling how your skin will react. I have had rads twice now and my skin did the same both times. I use to put the cream in the fridge so it was really cool when i put it on my skin…it was lovely. I found cool showers or baths helped as well.

Slather it with aqueous cream but the best tip I can give is to blow a cool hairdrier or fan on it as often as you can for as long as you can-it really helps a lot as does keeping the cream in the fridge.

Hi, I had my fourth (out of fifteen) session today and experienced a stabbing kind of pain around my scar about three hours after. I took some prescribed painkillers and applied a generous amount of aqueous cream that had been in the fridge and sat quietly for a while until everything settled down again. Immediately after a session my breast feels very warm and looks pink but it calms down overnight only to pink up again the next day with treatment. I’m presuming that is to be expected to increase as the course progresses.

Hi all

I am posting a link to our radiotherapy publication which some of you may find helpful to read, just click on the following link to read or download:

Best wishes

Hi Vicky like you i have had second rads yesterday and had sharp pain and tenderness in breast. luckily this only lasted a couple of hours. A couple of paracetamol did the trick. hope you don’t get too much worse good luck. just off for my 3rd session .

Hi snottrags, I had redness after first rad and used radiation cream from the bristol cancer centre, fantastic stuff and got through 3 tubs of it. Expensive, but worth every penny. skin held up very well, but only had 15 rads.
best wishes

thanks everyone,

had 4th rad today so getting towards total of 19!

they said pain in the scar could be the radiation affecting the nerve endings in the scar. Its not too bad - just swollen and very pink and hot. hoping the skin holds up to the end.

anyone had boosters - are they any better or worse??

thanks again - don’t know what I would do without you all!!!


Hi Vicky,
I had some very good practical advice yesterday about skin care, and because I live alone it is easy for me to do but if you have family around you might find some private time to try this - if the breast is feeling hot or the breast scar reddening and sore feeling remove your bra and sit with curtains closed but in a flow of cooling air to help cool the whole area down, apply cream that you have cooled in the fridge and after working it into the skin put a soft cloth, maybe a cotton hankie, between your breast and body skin to stop any skin to skin chafing.
Because I am on my own I was able yesterday, when my skin was so sore feeling and the day so hot, to take off my upper clothing and sit in direct line with a table size fan and cool my breast and sore scar - I did this several times during the evening and felt much more comfortable when I settled to sleep.
Might be worth bearing in mind if you do get a sore spot or just uncomfortable from the heat of the day and the RT session.
Another suggestion was to place a hankie around my breast scar inside the bra cup so that it prevented the seams of my bra rubbing. I did this today and it made a great difference to my general comfort.
I’ve now had 7 sessions and feel that the tiredness is beginning to show itself, I felt utterly drained by the time I got home after an hour’s ambulance ride and fell asleep in my armchair for over two hours! I did a little pottering about the house then after tea fell asleep again. I am now going to bed to sleep:-).

Anne xx

Hello to Anne (Hattie), are you the lady Ive met at Christy,Im on my 10th rad on Monday, usually go afternoon and my hubby is always with me,we`re both in our 50s.As far as helping the itch & burn after treatment,H.& B.s Aloe vera gell is great. Good luck everyone
Love mags x

Hi Mags,
No, we’ve not met at Christy - is that a hospital? I live in Yorkshire and attend Bexley Wing at St James’. I have my 8th treatment tomorrow and my total planned is 15 so I’m halfway there thank goodness. My appointments are around 1-1.30 but my travel time is the problem for me as I have to have hospital transport as I can’t drive at present and to ask a friend to drive me on a daily basis is too much to ask of anyone.

Anne xx

Hi everyone,
Today has been my last day of treatment with radiotherapy, and although it still will have a cumulative effect that should finally take me to my tiredest in another 10 days or so then it will be onward and upward from that point on.
I’ve been advised to continue with Aqueous cream application and to use the dressings until all the ‘rash’ has cleared. I said my farewells to all the staff of the department and left feeling tired but relieved.
However, I feel a little strange, almost as though closing a door on the terrible thing that has plagued me since January and yet aware that it could return at any time. I do not plan to dwell on this aspect but gather the threads of my life before breast cancer together and get myself back into a normal routine of work, driving here and there to visit friends and family and getting back to my normality although there will be one or two limitations as a result of my surgery.
For everyone still going through the treatment programme I hope you are not suffering undue discomfort and managing to stay positive in your thoughts.
Hattie (Anne) xx

Hiya - I’m starting my rads in about six weeks. Just a quick question for those who’ve had Taxotere - compared to Tax, how tired would you be on Rads? More, or less? Last longer, or less time…?


Rads is nothing like as bad as Tax - except for sore painful skin. I hate this aspect of it. but no really ill days. And tiredness is not so bad.

Bright x

Thanks Bright.