Only one week of RADS to go and so far aloe vera

is working at keeping my skin OK. Oncologist mentioned this so I fessed up and told her I used it. She shrugged and said ‘whatever works for you’ I really do think slathering it on after each zap has helped. Pity I couldn’t swallow it as my throat is killing me.

also savoy cabbage leaves try and keep they on ur affected area fir as long as possible x

Hi Kit20, just saw your post - you can get aloe Vera to drink - I have pure aloe Vera from Forever Living, which isn’t cheap but is good.
I think you can also get it (not the same ) from Holland and Barratt!

TY Goldie I am getting some stuff on prescription.

Goldie - just out of interest, what benefits do u feel the aloe vera juice has for you. I have a stall at my hossy that sells all the forever living products and my mum used to use the same AVJ but doesnt anymore because its rather xpensive.

What difference has it made if u dont mind me asking? I always find speaking to a non seller better.

Hi libralady, I’m so sorry for the delayed response, I lost the thread with the web going down.
For me personally aloe (seems to) help fight against infections - have had it for years before cancer. When my mum died ten years ago I had a dreadful cough (you know the type where your throat closes over and you feel like you’re going to suffocate?) which wouldn’t go away (I have asthma) by the fourth prescription of anti biotics when my sister persuaded me to try aloe Vera, I rolled it around my throat and felt something fizz then the cough went. Now, whenever I feel my glands are up (first sign of a cold for me) I take it and it usually knocks it on the head. My sister takes it and for her it regulated her bowel movements, (went from going twice a week to twice a day). So that my experience of it.
I’ve used the skincare too, which is lovely.