ooo…oopherectomy Having pushed for prophylactic oopherectomy -my surgery date arrived in this mornings post. The NHS waiting lists must have come down as I only formally requested this in January. I am now mithering because I know I will have to have pre-op bloods taken and then i’m into the “what if there is something abnormal” senario.(I could worry for England).
Any way -has anyone had their ovaries removed laproscopically-and what should i expect?

oopherectomy Hi Cherryred
im considering having my ovaries out instead of having them stopped with drugs. was this your decision or something they recommended to you. my cancer was very hormonal and they think this my eradicate hormone permanently. im 38. just about to start rads and tamoxifen. are you on tamoxifen? how do you find it? are you having ovaries lasered? good luck with operation do you stay in long? sorry for all the questios.

hello bakers… chemo catapulted me into menopause and my maternal grandmother died from ovarian cancer so i had it my head that i wanted to reduce the risk. The gynae - oncologist told me that even WITH a BRACA mutation (I haven’t been tested for that ) -that the risk of ovarian was about 40% -er well sorry, too high for my taste, so i nagged and made a pest of myself. I also didnt want to risk the return of my periods -though I know the likelihood of that was pretty remote.
My ovaries will be laproscopically removed under general anaesthetic as a day case.I’m taking Arimidex -which apart from the usual-eg hot flushes, aching joints- I have’nt found too bad.
Hope the rads go well -I found it a piece of cake after chemo!!

Ovaries out… Hi Girls

Just read your postings about having the old ovaries out.

After finishing chemo in April (I hadn’t had a period since the previous April) I went onto Arimadex and Zoladex injections. My Aunt had developed ovarian cancer four years before so I think that it had played on my mind apart from having to go for more dreaded injections every few months I decided to see a gynacologist who thought that it sounded like a good idea to have the ovaries out as my cancer was 100% oestrogen related.

I like you was offered a really quick appointment as a day case and although I wanted it was a little worried at the thought of more operations.

I was booked a the end of last July went onto the ward in the morning, you are on a small ward of about 8 ladies all with gyni issues. I ‘walked’ down to the operating theatre at about 1.00pm and was back on the ward at about 2.20pm having tea and toast. I could have stayed in overnight if I felt it was necessary, but apart from feeling a little tired felt fine and was home by 8.00pm that night.

You have three little cuts one in the belly button and two below which healed within a couple of weeks and I was back in work the following Monday.

I have felt great since and now feel happy that the dreaded ovaries are out. So don’t be worried it really is a doddle.

Good luck


Thnx debbie -That’s made me feel better about it already. I dread more surgery but try to tell myself that if chemo is the pits -anything else is better-- last famous words!