Oophorectomy and advice?

Hi,lovely ladies,just a quick question.has any one had an oophorectomy?I was told yesterday I carry the Brca2 gene and at risk of ovarian cancer. God you just love this disease !
I decided to have an ooph.hopefully it will stops more cancer. My onc. Doesn’t know so I’ll tell him in June,knowing him he’ll probably say no like he did to mastectomy ,but I’m a woman on the edge so I’m having it lol.
What I want to know is what happens,time,pain etc. Ive read on internet but I’d like to hear from real people what to expect. I’m not stable at the moment or ever have been,god I long for those words! So hopefully this doesn’t come into play on decision .
Huge hugs,Helen xx

Hi Helen I’ve just looked up what an oophorectomy is, I’ve never heard of it before ?. I did have a full hysterectomy several years ago because I kept getting ovarian cysts and had had to have one ovary removed a couple of years prior to that. It was done as precaution due to the primary bc. So I’m guessing the outcome would be similar as far as recovery time is concerned. For me I went back to work 12 weeks after and basically just had a forced menopause but it really wasn’t to bad and I’m glad now that I don’t have any thing in there for the mets to latch onto. I would think for someone strongly er+ like you it would be a good idea.
Tracy xxx

Hi Helen,


I had an oopherectomy a few years ago and physically it was an easy operation, done by keyhole surgery. I don’t remember having much pain afterwards, was only in hospital a couple of nights and was signed off work for 2 weeks but didn’t really need that long. Emotionally I really didn’t want to have the op and was expecting bad side effects from being pushed into menopause but in fact it wasn’t that bad.


Hope everything goes well for you.


Best wishes,


Tournesol x

Hello Helen, I’m sorry you received the BRCA news. My Mum had ovarian cancer 6 years ago. My younger sister had the oophorectomy, which was arranged quickly just months later. She was back teaching very quickly, no issues or problems from the operation and although she had all the hot flush symptoms she was relieved to have the op.
I am not BRCA, had the test many years ago but we were looking at my paternal side when my Mum developed ovarian cancer. Just before Mum was diagnosed I had my periods return on Capecitabine and months later developed some breast cancer to an ovary. I wish I had asked to have them removed on diagnosis but then it wasn’t the norm, I had monthly jabs for years to stop my periods but these were stopped on my starting my first chemo but my periods returned, surprisingly. I would say push for this and Good Luck. XX


I’ve not had the BRAC test yet but as two of my three younger sisters have been dx with BC since my dx I think I will.

I have had an oopherectomy though, had it done as a prophelactic measure but unfortunataly 11 years after primary got secondaries. Nonetheless have no regrets at having ooph and must say I found it quite easy. Was done laproscopocly (sp?) and only had to stay in hospital the one night, was a bit sore afterwards but nothing too painful and only for a few days. Good luck xx


Hi, i carry the bcra 2 gene. I had a bso last march when I was 33, I wanted to do everything I could to stop the cancer from returning. However, 6 months later I was diagnosed with secondaries, after I had my bso my oncologist didn’t put me on any hormone treatment which In hind sight should of pushed for as my primary was very aggressive. The actual procedure is very easy, and I had a quick recovery. Theirs no effect way of screening for ovarian cancer at the moment, and its often picked up in the late stages. The worry out weighted the choice to have the procedure rather than not.

Hello all. I wanted to tell you to ask for pathology checks on ovaries and fallopian tubes after oophorectomy or hysterectomy. I believe the fallopian tubes are not routinely tested… Mine were and I had a tumour even though ovarian cancer was not found (which is what was expected). Good luck to us all. Xx sally