Oophorectomy anyone??

I had an oophorectomy over 2 weeks ago. My progress seemed really good and I was off the pain killers after a week. Then a week later I started experiencing a severe pain on the left side where one of the incisions is. At times the pain is so bad I’m practically screaming and then it wears off. The pain is not an ache nor is it like a period pain. it feels like a raw soreness inside as though something is tearing.
Has any one else experienced this. Is this the norm following this op. No-one seems to be able to help me


I had an oophorectomy 2 years ago and didn’t have any of the pain you describe. I recommend you go and see somebody, I wouldn’t have thought that it should be that painful. I am no medic, but possibly you have an area of infection that may need sorting.

Good Luck and I hope you get the pain under control as soon as possible.

i had an open hyst and ooph in sept and havent experienbced anything like you are saying although did have to take it really easy and no heavy lifting for 12 weeks.

if you are having severe pain i would recommend you get it checked out… it could be any number of things… but they maybe could be scar tissue healing, but also could be something like infection or trauma in the pelvic cavity… in the meantime take it easy and take regular pain meds.

get it checked out and hope your feeling better soon.

Lulu x

Thanks Ladies
I did go to my doctors who didnt seem to know anything. I did get prescribed some tramadol which makes me feel as though i am off my face but it does lessen the pain. I did go back to the hospital and they said they would do a scan but that was 2 days ago and I’m still waiting!
So thanks for your responses, i wanted to know if this was the norm. I didnt think it was cos the first 2 weeks were pain free
All the best