Hi, I haven’t posted for ages but often read the posts here as they are very helpful and soooooo help me feel not alone with this. I was diagnosed with bone secondaries 2 years ago. I have been on zoladex for a year now and am due to have my ovaries removed on weds. I would love to hear from anyone who has had this done so I know what to expect ie are SEs worse after the op. I currently suffer from hot sweats but they’re manageable (or I’ve got used to them!!) . I am hoping I won’t become more emotional as that makes this whole thing even harder to cope with.

Best wishes to you all. Xxx

Hi Kazza,


I myelf have not had ovaries removed, (not sure how old you are) but I do know a friend who had to have them removed and she was fine afterwards! Of course there is the usual post op stuff, but it really is a relatively quick and simple operation, so recovery should not be too bad. depending on your age, the psychological aspects could be harder to come to terms with, but if this treatment is guaranteeing you many many years of health and happiness in the future, it is much easier to deal with that!


Good luck, I will be thinking of you, let us know how it goes…


Mowser xxx



Hi.  I had my ovaries out New Years Eve last year and I was fine.  I had the op in the morning and I was home by 2pm and at a New Year’s Party that night (didn’t make it to midnight).   It was key hole surgery which left 3 scars which are now faded.  I am aged 47 and hit the change head on but it was not as bad as I expected.  Good luck for your operation. X

Hi Kazza, I had mine out 4 weeks ago, after 6 months on Zoladex. No change to hot flushes, small scars, abdo pain fir a week (like bad period pain or 200 sit ups too many). The op was a breeze and no more gigantic Zoladex needle! You’re welcome to PM me any questions (I don’t check the threads often). Good luck, Sarah

Kazza I had mine out 5 years ago at age 46. The op was a doddle, just felt like I had done some sit ups and a bit bloated for few days. As for hot sweats they were no worse than I was having due to chemo. I hate dentists too and given the choice I would choose the op lol. Good luck for tomorrow x

Hi ladies, thanks for all the positive posts they make me feel much better about the Op. Unfortunately it was cancelled due to lack of beds. It is now rescheduled for 4th February. Will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again and best wishes to you all.xxx

Hi, for anyone considering oophorectomy I just want you to know that my Op on weds went well just as everyone who posted support to me said (thank you). I stayed in overnight and my stomach area felt a bit uncomfortable the next couple of days ( but was on painkillers). I am now off the painkillers and feeling fine although I am taking it easy (good excuse to watch crap tv and stuff chocolate!!) I am just so relieved to have got it over with so I know that is helping my recovery. The treatment I had at my local hospital was excellent throughout.

Best wishes to you all.xxx