Oophrectomy V Tamoxifen

Hey ladies.
Will start chemo the end of the month and i am starting to think to the future. I am 37 with 2 babies. I have grade 3 BC, 2.0mm, E positive.

Would an oophrectomy be a “better” long term solution than five years of Tamoxifen? I am worried after the five years my hormones will simply rise again, as i will only be 37 and unliekly to be menopausal, and potentially trigger any dormant cancer cells.

Is this likely?
Anyone got any advice??

Hi Evie

I dont think it is a case of ooph v tamox as after an ooph you either stay on tamox for the 5 years or change to similar. An ooph is instead of zoladex (the implant that switches the ovaries off) not instead of tamoxifen.

However, I am having my ooph next month, stopping zoladex, continuing with tamoxifen. I am 35 and 1yr into zoladex and tamoxifen, and being 8/8 for both hormones, my onc decided it was best long term plan. However, not all oncs have this opinion!!

OHHHH right. Reading stuff on the web made it sound like having an ooph would cut out the need for tamoxifen…

Thanks lolly! Bit more enlightened.

God it’s all so confusing i just don’t know what to read or what to ask really.
I’m 8/8 for estrogen (sp)don’t know yet about anything else as will find out tomorrow and 39 so pre menopausal also, had no idea that estrogen can cause BC…so confused


We also produce oestrogen through an enzyme called aromatase. It is produced by certain organs (kidneys) and in our adipose fat deposits. Removing ovaries won’t remove all oestrogen. It will, however, make you post-menopausal which enables you to then take an Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex which is currently outstripping Tamoxifen in prevention of recurrence. (Google TACT trials for more info on this.)
I was 43 at dx and opted for oopherectomy and Arimidex as my cancer was very ER+.

will have a look at TACT. thank you!!

I am also interested in an ooph as what can i use for the next 10 odd years contraception wise?!! Bluming condoms thats what ive been told! Great. Not fair to make hubbie have snip as to be fair its me that cant risk another pregnancy and what if we separated? He is only 31.

So complicated this cancer business.