Op done now the waiting game again!

I had my WLE and sentitel node biop on Wednesday evening at 5.20 ( a very long day with nothing to eat or drink and watching everyone else go). I came home yesterday Thursday at 2pm. Cant quite believe how quick it has been. Drains out in the morning changed my dressing then on my way. Scarey really as I’m not sleeping well (very uncomfortable at night). So now we wait for two weeks to get the results. The ladies I met on my ward were brilliant some having the same as me and others having fully mastecomies, they helped me get dressed. It’s amazing how women come together, I was the youngest (by decades) and we really all got on so well. I’ll see them all at the results appointment 23 August. Fingers crossed now for all of us. Sore sore sore Vanessa

Hi Vanessa,

‘welcome back’! I hope you are taking things really easy and allowing yourself time to put your feet up and be waited on. Sorry to hear you are sore, sore, sore, I hope that eases really quickly!!!

I wish you well for your results on the 23rd. Be sure to let us know how you get on,

Take care and take it easy!


Haven’t done much today but rest. Slept lots. Children have gone on holiday to Auntie Mel’s and then to Gran and Grandads next week. It’s strange it being so quiet at home but I do need this. My arm seems to be getting stiffer, I am doing the exercises religiously.

Vanessa xx

Monday morning and I now have almost fully flexibility!! I can reach the ceiling. I little stiff but those exercises are paying off. Still need my voltarol in the mornings and at bed time. I cant quite believe how quickly I’m nearly over this. Still taking it easy though as dont want any set backs. Bring on the 23th, feeeling so positive.