Op or Not ??

I have posted numerous times and read a lot of different posts
and am still not happy about having a mastectomy.

DIagnosed by mammogram two patches of DCIS, one 15mm one 8mm
high grade. Surgeon wants mastectomy as one patch near the nipple. I also have fairly small boobs 38B so might not leave a lot. However, having researched a lot about DCIS and the fact that no one seems to know if it will become invasive, would you take the risk and ignore it and hope nothing comes of it. Originally told it could take 10 years to change , then told it could be 2 years ! If its 10 I will be 70, so could have popped off anyway. Or, would you think best to be safe than sorry. SOrry I am being boring about this now but 4 days to scheduled op and still unsure

If it was me I wouldnt want it in my body and some have found areas of invasive when DCIS removed.Ultimately it is your choice.I just know I would hate knowing[rather than just fearing]there was a potential killer in my breast.
Good Luck whatever you decide,

Mine sounds similar…it’s attached to my nipple (how i found the thing in the first place in fact), so two surgeons have told me mastectomy.The one i’m going with though (probably because i was in such a state over the idea of mastectomy), is going to try do a very wide excision, which will remove the lump, the nipple and areola (which will be replaced at some point in the future), and he suggests doing a reduction of my other breast at the same time,though he has warned me quite categorically that if the tumour is worse than it seems on scans etc, I may still need a mastectomy.This is something i now think i can cope with as i believe he is doing his very very best to spare me the (for me,I understand completely that many people prefer to have a mastectomy straight out and know everything has been cleared out) ordeal of a mastectomy.I am perhaps lucky in that i have quite large breasts ( I thought they were 40B, but he says he believes they are quite a bit larger), so perhaps it’s easier to do this op for me??.
In the end, only you can make the decision, it’s a very personal one after all.For me, ten years would not be enough,(I’m 56, so about your age) i want to be here for as long as i possibly can and in the best health that i can manage, so although the non-treatment option was thought about, it really isn’t an option for me.If it comes to it, i’ll be alive, without my breast, and i WILL live with that, because it’s a darned sight better than the alternative.However, my surgeon showed me examples of his work and i believe i am in excellent hands, someone who seems to care very much about the end result, from all angles: the cosmetic, the psychological, the surgical, the long-term outlook and what I want.Could you not get a second opinion, to see if another surgeon would be willing to try a different approach…one that you would be happier with…one that you could live with???

If you are still not sure, why not get a second opinion and go to a breast cancer centre of excellence where there are plenty of different surgeons who specialise in different kinds of surgery. Your surgeon hasn’t really discussed any options with you has he as he seems to favour mastectomy. I had DCIS and invasive cancer and I didn’t have a mastectomy because the hospital I went to tries to conserve breasts if possible, admittedly a lot depends where the DCIS is, but still worth going to another surgeon as it’s DCIS rather than invasive cancer so you can wait a bit longer to make a decision.


Hi Horsemad,
in my opinion, I think you should cancel the op and book an appoinment to speak to your BC nurse and Consultant to discuss all of your options before doing something you may regret. It may be that you dont necesarily need a mastectomy but can have a lumpectomy to start off with - just to remove the area around the nipple and see how that goes? For me, I was offered a lumpectomy (evasive grade 3 cancer) but chose a mastectomy and was told after op that I had made the right choice as I had DCIS throughout the breast also. It is your body - please don’t be pushed into a descision you are not happy with and as it is not invasive, a delay will not make any difference to the medical outcome but will make a huge big difference to your mental state. If you are worried about how you will look after a mastectomy then I can send you pics of mine if you like - just pm me your email.
Take care and do what is right for you and no-one else - at the end of the day it is you who has to live with the descision.

Hi Horsemad,

You may find this topic “hope for us all” in Living with Breast cancer interesting as a possible discussion to have with your surgeon. I know very little about it except that it wasn’t mentioned to me and I had never heard of it, though I wish I had. I don’t know what the criteria are and of course whether it would be possible in your situation or whether your surgeon is experienced in it but I thought I would highlight it to you.

Best of luck whatever you decide, x


Sorry, wrong thread - I meant “theraputic mammoplasty” under “Undergoing treatment - surgery” duh!