Operation cancellation - any guidelines?

Hi ladies – I just wondered if any of you are aware of guidelines regarding cancelled operations?


My PS originally told me last September that I would have lipo, uplift and nipple creation surgery in December. I went to see him again in December and he was a bit vague, saying it would probably be some time in the new year. In the first week in January I got my letter with a date of 26th Jan. I only had this date for about a week when I got a phone call saying that they had to schedule in an urgent case so my op was being cancelled. They said they hoped I would be seen in February. I need 3 weeks’ notice as I am on Tamoxifen so I am currently driving myself crazy with a 3 week marker moving through my diary and racing to check the post every day! I desperately want to be fit and well for my niece’s wedding later in the year but equally want to get this surgery out of the way so that I can move on somehow. The more days that go by the worse I feel.


If I ring I get passed between the PS’s secretary and the waiting list clerk, both of whom say they cannot tell me anything. I know there are guidelines about how soon you are seen again if an operation is cancelled at the last minute, but as I got a couple of weeks’ notice they don’t apply to me. So does anyone know if there is a time period in which I must be given another date? Or how many times they are allowed to cancel? I feel very frustrated at having reached the top of the waiting list just to have it taken away!


Sorry to start the weekend off with a moaning session! Best wishes to you all x

I suggest you write to PALS. So at least you could get some idea.Sounds as if you just want an answer,not necessarily nagging them to get it done.We are a patient lot,but this must be driving you crazy.PALS should be able to give you an answer,to the procedure following a cancellation.Let us know of the outcome.

Hi Scarab any update on your surgery

Love Bloss X

I tried ringing the waiting list office again on Thursday, only to be told that they had no date for me and I shouldn’t expect to be seen until April at the earliest.  So I am waiting to see if PALS can do anything… It is frustrating :smileyfrustrated: !