Operation cancelled. Feeling gutted

I was booked for mastectomy with expander implant and sentinel node removal today. All seemed to be going well until they suddenly rushed me down to theatre as the morning list over ran and they had limited time for my op.
I was on the anaesthetic table when I was told that the op could not go ahead today as an important blood test hadn’t been done!
I am mostly gutted because I had not been tearful or low in mood for a few weeks and was feeling really positive. Now I am a teary mess.

That is terrible!!! What an awful thing to happen!!! I’d be more than tearful, I’d have been beside myself and wailing. To be actually about to go to theatre, ready for anaesthetic- that’s as close as you can get and be cancelled. Did they say what this important blood test was that they had missed? I wonder if they had wanted a ‘group and save’, blood type, my hospital made me do one of those ( not that I needed blood of course, but it was a standard thing for anaemic people). MInd I could be talking out of my bottom as well and it was something totally different lol.Have they rescheduled? 


You had done so well to keep your spirits up as well, all that psychological strength you had shown, and I can see how it’s made you miserable. I don’t know what else I can say to help, I just feel sorry for you.



Yes. It was a group and save as I have a pre existing blood problem. I had asked at my preop if I needed it and was told I didn’t. I even saw my haematologist urgently at the anaesthetists request on Weds. I was at the hospital from 9 this morning for 2pm surgery and they didn’t notice until I was on the table. I even got a glimpse inside the theatre. Some other poor sod had already had their op cancelled so that mine could go ahead as the morning list over ran.
I have been told it will probably be next week now but not confirmed yet x

They all seemed almost as upset as I was. I could have told them my blood group but I have not ever had it tested in that hospital so I suppose that is fair enough. It is not even my place to have asked in the first place but I have a little knowledge. This is the most I have cried since diagnosis and I can’t stop. I know wine is not the solution but it is helping a little.

I I did let them know I had asked specifically but I don’t think they could have felt any worse. There were 4 people in the room when I was told and my surgeon held my hand so I had no hope of being dignified. Back on the ward all the staff were waiting at the desk. It was actually horrific in terms of staying strong and coping. My husband had only left 10 mins earlier so was on my own and even though I know the system it was awful. I was even considering changing hospital even though I know that is just me being upset

I am also a nurse and I am not sure if that made it better or worse. I have put off the op as I was told to go on my booked holiday then my surgeon was on holiday. Turns out the other surgeon is off next week so I have a new Dr operating who I just met today. It is all becoming stressful xx

So unfair and Rotten on top of all the existing distress. I hope they can soon sort a date for you this week. X

That is exactly how I was feeling Jillybee. Yesterday was a really bad day but I am feeling more optimistic again today thank goodness.
Rosie, hearing that you had a transfusion actually makes me feel better that mine was cancelled although I am sorry that you needed one. I have already been on my holiday it’s the plastic surgeon who is off now.