Operation Changed to This Week!

Hi all

I had a pre-operation assessment today for my operation next week and was told that my consultant wanted to see me.

He told me a slot had become available this Wed for my mastectomy and lymph node removal - I am freaking out now - I know it’s a good think and better to have the op sooner rather than later - it’s not even 3 weeks since my last lot of chemo.

I’m trying to get my head around this as had loads of things planned this week to take my mind off it all and now it’s here much much sooner than expected.

I know a few other ladies are having their ops around the same time as me so just wanted to say hope all goes well for you.

RebzAmy xx

Hi Rebz

Obviously it was a bit of a shock for you but I spose it saves you thinking about it for an extra week - if you really didnt want it I am sure you could refuse and go back to original date tho?

Just wishing you all the very best for whenever you get it
Take care

Hi RebzAmy

Go for it! Much better than a change in the other direction. Hope it all goes really well for you.



Hi RebzAmy

I can imagine that your head is now all over the place but if it were me I’d be saying the sooner the better. I have one more chemo to do and am waiting for a date for my bilateral mastectomy. I think it’s good that things happen quickly. I know we need time to get our head around things but maybe sometimes it’s better to do this after the inevitable things have been done and dusted.

I hope everything goes well for you. Just think… you will be able to do all those fab things post surgery and enjoy them even more!!!

Carly x

Hi Rebz

I had my op date changed at short notice, scared the living daylights out of me, wanted to turn it down, but all the family said go for it. I am now glad I did as I didn’t have time to think about it any more.

Good luck and will be thinking of you weds


Hi Rebz

Same day as me… good luck to you and let’s compare notes afterwards!

Cecelia. x

Hi Fiona, Dilys, Carly, Heather and Cecelia

Thanks so much for all your comments. I think once I’d been told that I could have the op this Wednesday (even though I was given the option of changing my mind) it was a yes - there was really no question of it - just a bit of a shock.

I’ve been gallavanting about today trying to get myself sorted with all the things I might need. Got some lovely front fastening pyjamas although will probably wear the hospital gown to begin with.

Carly - good luck with your last chemo
Cecelia - will def compare note with you afterwards - I’m due home the following Monday I think.

Lots of love to you all
Rebz xxx

Best wishes Rebz… I go thursday to talk to my surgeon… still have 2 Taxoteres to go unless he sees otherwise. Have they told you what to bring with you to hospital…? I have been wondering what to look for to take.

Lee xx

Hi Lee
Thanks very much. Good luck with your appointment on Thursday and with your final 2 Taxs. I have a booklet which tells you what to bring - it’s published by this website breastcancercare and in fact the moderator attached it for me on another discussion forum I started following my appointment with my consultant to discuss the operation having finished chemo. I believe there is a thread that has been started somewhere but not looked for it and in fact as this all happened so quickly do not really have time to look for it as going to have my herceptin infusion at 12.30pm today and not sure if I’m coming home after or staying at the hospital.

One thing that is definitely a very good idea to take is front fastening pyjamas and clothes as apparently I won’t have a lot of movement in my arm and also so that the hospital can keep an eye on the area that has been operated on. I’ll probably just wear the hospital gown to begin with. I’m also taking my own pillow and some ear plugs!

RebzAmy xx

Dear RebzAmy

how did you get along with your op?

I’m not too bad, bit painful, pins and needly and numb. Swollen too

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

It’s so lovely to hear from you - I was thinking of you and wondering how you got on.

I came home on Monday afternoon when the drains came out (that was rather unpleasant) and have been resting and just catching up with friends. I actually feel pretty good considering. The house is full of flowers and cards from well wishers which is really lovely. I’m like you bit sore, numb and swollen in fact just called breast care nurse to ask about the swelling as the fluid is definitely building up under my armpit and is rather uncomfortable.

I really think the lead up to the operation was much worse than the actual operation itself. I did have a few wobbly moments just before being anaethetised and also about three days after the operation but that was short lived.

I have appointments next week with my oncologist (Wed) and consultant (Friday) to discuss the results and the rest of my treatment - that’s a bit scarey.

I would really like to hear more about how you are doing and next steps for you.

~Rebz xxx

Hi Again

yes, just replied to you on other thread. My armpit and side is uncomfortable, as I say the nurse said to see her as it sounds like fluid build up.

The operation was fine, I wasn’t so scared until they wheeled me in (they don’t do pre ops these days) so I was crying my eyes out. I felt so stripped and vulnerable with my little bald head and only a gown on. But the anaesthetist was great , relaxed me , put my canula in and asked what I liked to drink. He said imagine it was my favourite brandy and then I don’t remember a thing until coming round.

Sounds like I have the same plan for further treatment as you too. How are your exercises going? I have found them hard today as I’m pretty swollen and sore.

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

I am glad everything went well with your op, I found the exercises hard, was pretty sore and swollen, pins and needles down the arm ect. I found it easier to take a pain killer about half an hour before I did them and then it was easier, but go easy coz you don’t know how much you can do with them, then I gradually went down to 1 paracetamol, then nothing, although I have had to go to my gp with the pins and needles and he has prescribed tegretol and I have to go back in a week to see if there is any improvment, have full movement, but can’t get shot of the pins and needles. GP says maybe nerve damage from snb but they will keep an eye on it. I am 8 weeks post op
Rads start monday.


Thanks for the advice Heather, it’s early days, and hopefully the nurse will be able to see if it’s a fluid build up or just something I can work on.

She recommended Ibuprofen meanwhile to see if the swelling comes down but will defo see her tomorrow to see if it’s a fluid problem

Cecleia. x

Hi Cecelia

Sounds like we are going through exactly the same as I now have an appointment to see the breast care nurse tomorrow to look at the swelling as it looks as if I have a spare tyre on the side under my armpit!

I find the exercises actually ok. The whole area is stiff and sore and feels bruised and rather uncomfortable but not bad enough for me not to be able to do the exercises. I’m trying to use my arm as normally as I can.

When I the anaethetist was putting me to sleep I also became rather tearful and felt like jumping off the bed and running away and I refused to put my head down on the pillow - guess I must have zonked out coz next thing I knew I was in recovery.

I’ve been up and about though - I went shopping today with my mum and bumped into a friend who couldn’t believe I was up and about so soon. I’ve just got back from a charity event whose aim was to raise money for Breast Cancer Care - the evening was not about breast cancer but a light hearted chat by the owner of Rigby and Peller about wearing the right size bras. They also produce bras for people who’ve had mastectomies.

Anyway how are you feeling generally now? Are you up and about like me?

Rebz xxx

Hi Rebz

I am up and about, very tired after 2 hours shopping with my sister today, not long I know but got knackered really quickly.

Just a little worried about swelling which actually seems a little better now, but will still get may nurse to have a quick look tomorrow.

So glad you’re feeling good today.

Cecelia. x

Hello again
As you will see I also replied on the other thread. Am doing fine today. Had a good night’s sleep - due to sleeping pill prescribed by my GP. Got a few friends popping round today. Weather is good so would like to take a walk.

Let me know what your breast care nurse says if you decide to go (I’m leaving it for a while).

I think you did really well to shop for 2 hours. I like to do a little more each day but just pace myself.

Have a good day and speak soon

Rebz xx