Operation check list

Hello ladies,

Some of you may remember me in here. I was diagnosed mid Feb, was offered surgery mid March but turned it down so that I could go on my trip to India that had been planned for nearly a year. Well, I’m back. The trip was amazing and totally rejuvenating. The best bit was not waking up or going to sleep with BC at the forefront of my mind. It was like giving my brain a holiday as well as my body.

Anyway, back to reality (and the cold) with a bump and my surgery is happening on Monday. I’m trying (not very successfully) to keep the anxiety at bay but random tears have started flowing again.

Having read another post on here about needing front opening PJs, I suddenly thought heck, what else have I forgotten to get? So ladies, please help me out. What do I need to take with me to the hospital and is there anything else I’m going to need at home immediately afterwards? I’ve already bought a rather attractive post op bra that is front fastening. Anything else? My mind isn’t functioning very well due to stress.

Thanks xx

Hi Ali.
I’ve just finished purchasing my nightmare shopping list. As well as the pjs, dressing gown and slippers in case I’m in overnight; after suggestions from others on here I’m taking a drain dolly bag (not sure if I’ll have a drain but taking any way), tissues, Vaseline for dry lips, throat lozenges (apparently there may be a tube down my throat) and a special heart pillow for post boob op, apparently you can get these from a Facebook site called jensfriends for only the cost of postage. I’m not on Facebook so I bought mine from flat friends. ? I’ve also packed a baggy shirt to travel home in.
I’ve bought a v shaped pillow from Asda for when I come home. Apparently they’re great for helping to create a comfy nest in bed for recovery.
Angela X

Stock up on paracetamol, the hospital will give you a pack of 32 but that doesn’t last long if you take 2 every 4 hours for first day. I just went around Poundland, Wilkos, Savers etc and picked up a couple of packets in each shop so had a stock pile. 


If you can’t find front opening pjs I brought 2 beach cover ups from Matalan, they are blue and white stripes with buttons down front, I don’t like pjs bottoms on my legs as I get too hot in bed. I can then use these cover ups on my next beach trip. 


I took baby wipes and used them to clean up in hospital as couldn’t shower for 48 hrs. Something comfortable to come home in, I has cami top, no bra, baggy shirt and loose trousers. Nothing complicated to do up or put over head as arm maybe stiff and sore or you may have a drain.


Feelthefear- good that you got both pillows, remember to put the one to protect chest from seatbelt in car. I also had a fleece blanket in car as was supposed to be day case and go home late at night, but didn’t, you may need it on journey home.


Take lots to read or do as I waited from 9.30am to 4pm before going to theatre!!


Best wishes, hope it goes well.



Might be worth checking with the hospital ward as when i had my mx i was given a bag from ‘Breast Friends’ that contained a heart shaped pillow, lipsalve, toiletries, mints etc etc. I also went home in my front opening bra they put on me after surgery and told me it was mine to keep.

Great. Thanks everyone. I hadn’t even considered cushions and pillows etc. Baggy clothes I can do. Toiletries I have in abundance. PJs are on my shopping list for today. 



Good advice about the Vaseline. ?
Haha, that would be just my luck. Suppose I’ll unpack it. X

Hi Ali,

I haven’t got as far as you to put a list together because I was only diagnosed on Tuesday so just waiting to hear what the plan is. I went and got myself some nightwear and I found really nice soft nightshirts which button up at the front from primark which at ideal.Good luck with the op Monday hope it all goes well x

Hi ladies 

have just had an amazing week in Mexico , now the treatment starts was diagnosed with Idc grade 2.  Having wire guided biopsy on Tuesday am now feeling very anxious again , wondering should I buy non underwire bras , has anyone had the same op as me that can share there experiences please 



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Hi Denise, I have the same thing as you I was diagnosed on Tuesday just waiting to find out the Next step. Glad to see you been away and relaxed before you have your op, hope it all goes well for you x