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have finally been given my operation date 1st april :slight_smile: before that i have to have lots of little bits done .like ultrasound and the blue dye injection in to the nipple … i hope all the bits before wont be as painful as my biopsy was …  i am a bit nervous of the operation … my lump is 10mm and cant be felt outside of the boob so i have to have a  wire inserted to mark the spot. am glad the lump is soo small though

Hi Angel

I had the same operation last month.


The wire is not as painful as the biopsy.  Nothing like as bad.

They did mine on the morning of my op and injected the dye during surgery but I know some hospitals do it before.


You get the wire put in with an ultrasound and then a mammogram to check its in the right place. 


I was lucky got out same day which was great as I was wiped out and just wanted home.

I bought some very cheap sports type bras on ebay. (£2 each) which have been very handy. Wore them night and day. 

drink loads of water after to flush out the anesthetic and you will also have blue pee for a few days. My breast is stll blue a month later.


take care. 





Hi Angel

I had the same operation on 4th March and as the other posters have said, it wasn’t too painful having the wire in and the radioactive injection. They put the blue dye in when they operated.  Like you I was very worried when it was described to me as to what they were going to do before the operation.

My lump was picked up on a regular screening and was 9mm so very similar to yours as it wasn’t possible for the consultant to feel it.  I also had 2 core biopsies before the op but mine were sore but didn’t bruise too much so I was perhaps lucky.

Good luck

Jaye xx

I was so scared about the op as like you I hadn’t had an operation before and the only time i had been in hospital was to have my daughter 41 years ago lol.

The worrying the few days before were really worse than when the day actually happened.  I went in at 7am had the wire in and radiotherapy dye in at about 10am - once i’d had that done i couldn’t wait to get the op done but i was last on the list and went down about 3pm.  I was suprised how calm I felt and remember you will be in a ward with others in the same position, having their operations and that does help.

I came back to the ward at 6.45pm and went home at about 10pm.  I had the option of staying the night but for me going home was the best option.


Best wishes

Jaye x


Thats great that you are on the morning list as I wasn’t told until later in the day when I was going down to theatre.

I was in a day unit but was told to take dressing gown and slippers and everything in case I had a late op and didn’t get out that day.   They wanted you to be back on the ward for 3 hours before they would let you out and to have had a wee and eaten something and obviously your blood pressure etc needed to be ok.

I expected to feel sick after the op but I didn’t which was great.  Just felt a bit spaced out for the first half hour or so.  Drink jugs full of water it helps to flush it out and you do feel incredibly thirsty anyway.


Yes a soft loose bra is a must - strangely they didn’t tell me that either but I searched an old bra out as soon as I got home.   I also found I needed to sleep in it as it helped. 


Have you had your pre op appointment yet?   They often give you a bit more info at that.


Jaye x

Hi Angel


telling you not to worry would be like telling you not to breath. Just cant be done. It’s only natural.


I took a dressing gown and slippers. I wore them over the gown when I went to get the wire put in.


I would advise taking PJ’s just in case and wet wipes. It’s always hot in hospital . Something to read while you’re waiting. When I went for my pre op they gave me a leaflet with loads of advice. 


Make sure you have a cushion in the car when going home to put under the seat belt so it’s not rubbing. 

it’ll be over before you know it.




I think it will be because  that kind of coil releases hormones.  You can get other kinds that don’t have hormones to replace it. 

Hi Angel 77


glad that’s the first stage over for you, although your coil could feed your bc I am afraid you’ll never know what caused it. Many older women go through the same thing with HRT which can also feed bc.

I think it is normal to ask why this has happened to us and to look for a cause and ask if it was something we did that caused our bc but at the end of the day we will never know.


good luck with the op



Hi Angel


So sorry to hear your operation has been put back - the waiting is awful!

I feel for you as I know how time drags leading up to it.


Jaye xx

Ellies, I was diagnosed on Jan 2nd with lobular bc, my tumour was large 5cms and I had mx on 1st March, I was the same worried about the long wait but my surgeon reassured me that it wouldn’t make a difference to my overall prognosis which is currently going in the right direction with no nodes involved. I have my bone scan this week and then oncologist next week to discuss my treatment. It is very much one step at a time which can be frustrating but keep busy and surround yourself with family and friends its a real help. Hugs wax xxx

Hi Ellies and welcome to the BCC forums

Along with the support you have here our helpliners are on hand with practical and emotional support on 0808 800 6000, lines open during the week 9-5 and Saturday 10-2 so please feel free to call to talk through your queries/concerns

Here’s a link to the newly diagnosed section of the site where you will find further information and support ideas which you may find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC