Operation on thursday - quite scared

Im Hayley and have just turned 30years old. I was told i had BC on the 22nd september which is grade 2. I am having my operation on thursday to remove the lump and a SLNB. I have had implants in for the last 5 years and have been told that i cant have anymore after because of the radiotherapy, so not quite sure about the options at the moment is all a bit of a blur to be honest.

Don’t know anything about implants but wanted to send you a big reassuring hug for your surgery.Take care xxx

Hi Pink Princess

Sorry you’ve had to join our club.

Again, not sure on the implant situation - but make sure that you talk to a plastic surgeon with experience in BC and breast reconstruction. They will be able to give you a fully informed opinion.

Rads can cause problems with implants in reconstructions, because it makes the scar tissue round them tighten - capsular contraction. Not sure how much of a problem this is with implants surrounded by natural breast tissue.

Good luck.

Hi Pink Princess

Its not strictly true. I had full mastectomy and reconstruction using muscle from my back on 23rd July and replaced the implant on the bc side. I also had implants in 2006. Will be having radiotheraphy after chemo. Yes the rads may damage the implant which means it may go hard but will then have implant removed and replaced. My consultant does it all the time and for me the recon was important. So you can have it but need to be prepared for poss further surgery. Your consultant may not like doing it but i’m sure it can be done.
Good luck on Thursday and PM me if you want any further info.
Ginge xx

Sorry, should have added that, like Ginge, I had a mastectomy with an immediate recon using some muscle from my back and an implant and I’ve since had radiotherapy. Like her, if I get problems in the future, the implant can be replaced.

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I had an mx in July and was not allowed the option of full recon at the same time because I would be having rads later. I was given a tissue expander, a temporary recon, until I can have a full one using my own tissue because if there was damage to my own tissue during the rads then the recon wouldnt be as good, and you only have one. Chance using your own tissue.

My tissue expander was awful, and after lots of problems with it it was removed last week and I’m flat on one side which I hate. But lots of women have them put in and don’t have any problems. I’ve read a few women on this site who’ve had full recon with their own tissue and then had rds and I really wish I’d been given that option. But my surgeon is supposed to be one of the best in th field so I feel inclined to listen to them.

But if you can’t face being flat, you could ask about a tissue expander. But Definitely ask to talk to a breast specialist if you haven’t had one already. The ways they can reconstruct these days are amazing.

Best wishes


thank you for your kind words, I had the operation around 2pm yesterday and was home by 7.30pm looking very green, kids thought it was funny and having green wee bless them. Husbands been great and got me a new tv and put sky in the bedroom so i can stay in bed. Quite sore under my arm and around where the tumor was but the cut on the otherside where she took my implant out doesnt hurt too much. I have to go back on the 24th to get the results of the SNB and to go through the treatment plan. I know i need radiotheraphy but they dont know if i need chemo untill the results i will also need tamoxifen for 5 years, i was hoping it would only be about 2 years as husband and i was planning another baby.