Operation on wrist,side that lymph nodes removed from

Hi ,here’s hoping someone can help, I need an op. on my wrist, but am concerned because it’s on my op side(lymph nodes removed) Has anyone had an operation on their arm-hand-wrist that has been ok or not as the case maybe.

I recently saw my BCN as I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel on my affected side. She said if an op is necessary it is better to go ahead with it and then monitor for Lymphoedema as the carpal tunnel is a current problem and the LD may never occur.

Hi Ladyjag

I have recently had surgery on my shoulder (same side as cancer and full node removal.) I had developed a frozen shoulder during rads and had had no success with steroids injections and physio. I had already started to develop lymphodema before my op and I believe (as does my bcn) that it had been made worse by the lack of movement I had in that arm. I was told the risk of the lympho getting worse was greater if I didn’t have the op and so it was an obvious choice.

The advice given to me was to make sure you don’t let your arm become immobile after the op and keep excersing!!!


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Hi - I too had full axillary clearance 3 years ago and in the past year have have 2 shoulder ops. (re-lining of the shoulder joints)).

I was aware of the risk of lymphoedema on my BC arm but my oncologist said he thought it would be OK- it’s was a question of weighing the risk against solving my other problem- painful arthritis in both shoulders.
My orthopaedic surgeon was helpful and sympathetic and said he’d do the op himself( rather than his registrar) it if it made me feel better.
I stressed to the all the nurses, junior doctors, anaesthetist etc that I didn’t want any needles or my blood pressure taken on my BC arm before, during and after the op and they were very good about respecting this ; I only had bloods taken or injections given in my ‘good’ arm or in my leg.

I have had no post-op problems at all and think the risk was worth it in my case.

Hi to all,
Thank you so much for replying, its a great help when its from people in roughly the same position.