Operation tomorrow 18th May

Surgery day has finally arrived after what seems like the longest 3 weeks of my life, I’m feeling strange like in a sort of pretending I’m not bothered I have called cancer kind of way, but really I’m frightened of the idea of not being in control of what is happening to me did any of you also feel like this

Yes absoluetly still do, as told must be on medication and radiotherapy still to face.


Yet its all to help heal so I face these feelings of being out of control with facts and gratefulness treatments can do so much.


But depends how i feel each day.


I hope all goes well for you tomorrow, its so good to have surgery behind us.


Still have lots of feelings as this is a long journey, but we not alone and there is comfort in that.





I certainly did but just kept reminding myself that these people were the experts and they were going to make me better, getting rid of the cancer (I called it Mr Blobby).


Helena xxx

Thanks girls I think once it’s out tomorrow il feel better, then the node biopsy thing, they have said don’t think it’s in there but you never know, I think it is the type I have worrying me the most it’s a grade 3 invasive ductal TNeg its tiny though Im just sooo glad I found the lump! What a roller-coaster ride we are all on xx

So I’m scrubbing the house from top to bottom!!! Isn’t it funny how a good old cleaning session gets all your tension out!!!

Thanks girls take care a of you

Hope everything went well. Thinking of you.

So I made it through surgery not as sore as I thought I would be today but it still hurts! Never slept a wink last night maybe a couple of hours top was really disappointed to her off BC surgeon 5nodes had to come out as the felt hard to touch, biopsies of the rest she has prepared me for the very likely outcome of more surgery once biopsies come back I just hope she got a clear margin when the tumor was removed I also was told definitely chemo 5 months I’m gutted I was told on diagnosis day it was highly likely during to to type of BC I have :frowning: but was to unlikely for lymph node inv so things have changed for me already x

On a more positive note the little **** is out and relief is an understatement! Just wish they could test everything on day of op so you could put it a behind you before treatment Starts! I honestly don’t think I could have been given more support from anyone than from a group of women I don’t even know! This forum is so valuable it saves you having to keep it all in for fear of upsetting people around you xxxx The staff in RVI Newcastle have been amazing the whole team deserve a medal for the hard job they do

Thanks H I will definitely be taking your advice take care of yourself too!

Thanks ladies taking good your advice! Had terrible heartburn today off the ibuprofen so eating light today! Everyone has been great my sons taking it quite bad I have reassured him but I think it’s just the shock we find out whether my daughter is having a girl or boy this Tuesday coming so I think it will be a good distraction from all of this x