Operation update

My op went ahead on thurs afternoon as planned. I should have been gone 2 hours but it ended up being 5 hours as I had a bad reaction in recovery due to hyperventilatIng shaking and “fit like” episodes. Spent thurs evening and night out of it Apparently mentioning armadillos to my OH. Friday lunchtime I was discharged but ended up back in a and e early hours of fri night/sat morning with severe vomiting ( something approaching 15 episodes I think) dehydration and headache. Put on IV fluids, anti emetics and paracetamol . Returned home and spent rest of sat and Sunday completely out of it again. The anti emetic prescription they sent me home with gave me severe nightmares and intense sweats.
but hey it is now Monday evening, my headache has gone my vomiting has stopped I have kept some food and liquids down. I have even had a bath-my first in 5 days!!! I have rounded the corner and am back with the world again . The surgeon has made an amazing job I-in a couple of weeks or so no one will be able to tell I’ve had anything done. He feels happy that he got clearance and took all nodes away to level 3. So fingers crossed that hes right. My drain comes out in the morning ( good job it’s almost full) and although sore I feel incredibly lucky at the mo. my results are a week on weds 30th jan. so many thanks to all those who wished me well and left the lights on for me.
And the biggest thanks of all goes to my amazing OH who has done absolutely everything possible to look after me xxxxxx

Blimey Littlescoot, what a traumatic experience. I’m so sorry you went through all that - presumably a reaction to the anaesthetic? I will be thinking of you next Wednesday - the same day I see my surgeon to go through my surgery results. We can hold virtual hands !!
What a blessing you have an amazing and loving OH - he sounds just like mine, and I will be forever thankful to have such a good man.


Hi Littlescoot,
Hope you are continuing to recover well after having such a horrible time. I wish you and Lola65 all the best for next Wednesday and it is lovely to hear that you both on have such wonderful and supportive OH’s.X


I have now received my results from my wle and anc op on jan 18th. Once again everything changes and the results are worse than expected. Originally it was thought to be 3.5cm grade 2 DCIS with a lymph node affected.

My results have come back as 4.9cm grade 3, but whilst he was removing the tumour he saw another area 1.5cm away from the main tumour so he took a “shave” of this area purely on instinct he said. So although clear margins were obtained around the tumour this other shave area has now come back 8/9 slides positive for cancer cells. Additionally 9/15 nodes are positive 6/10 levels 1 and 2 and 3/5 level 3)

I now have to decide by tomorrow whether to go for re excision and hope they can get clear areas around this other bit or whether to have a mx. It may not seem such a big decision as I know what common sense is telling me, but for me to have an mx at this stage is just one step too far for me. Everything has been happening so fast, and every visit to the hospital the news has just been going downhill.

Has anyone had a re-incision. What are the recovery times like. I was back to work 2 weeks after my WLE and ANC. Similarly recovery times for an mx?

Re the mx. Have been told that reconstruction would be a long way down the line and would also be difficult as I will have had rads to that area too

We are both in shock from this news and scared to bits as also more investigations are needed. CT scan today then an MRI and bone scan so obviously I am now dreading even going back for any more results.

Sorry to rant on, I ve held it together pretty well until now. But I just can’t stop crying I’m not sleeping (literally awake all night) despite zopiclone and I’m scared as hell for me and my OH as now it all seems so dangerously serious with an absolute crap prognosis :frowning:

Thank you for reading. LS

bumping for you LIttlescoot, so sorry you are having such a tough time, sorry I cant help as I am fortnuate not to have needed a re-excision, hopefully someone will be along soon who can help xxx
Big hugs (gentle ones) <<<<< >>>>>>


What crap news for you. xxxx

The surgical guidelines allow for 2nd (and even 3rd) excisions if the surgeon thinks he can get clear margins, otherwise he will advise a mastectomy. Personally, I would be guided with what he says. If he tells you he thinks there is a good chance of getting clear margins with a 2nd excision, then maybe this is your route, but at the end of the day it is your decision.

I am having a second excision on the 22nd. Others on this forum have assured me it is an easier and much quicker op than the first WLE and as no nodes are involved in the op the recovery time is minimal.
Best of luck, whatever decision you make. xxx

Littlescoot-sorry you are in this position. I’m sure that your surgeon wouldn’t be giving you the choice if he didn’t think that he could get clear margins with your second excision.

I had a skin sparing mastectomy 2 weeks ago (with an immediate tissue expander reconstruction). I was in hospital for one night but still feel v tired. I wasn’t really given the choice of a WLE as the position of my tumour was tricky and meant I wouldn’t get a good cosmetic result with a WLE.
It really hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought and they can do pretty amazing things re: reconstruction if thats the route you go down.

I know it feels as if its all bad news-its a journey with a lot of lows and some highs (all relative-no one wants to have a bc diagnosis). good luck x

Hi guys

Thank you for your replies and encouragement. I saw my consultant and have opted for the re-incision next week. He was perfectly happy as to how I had come to that decision, although it is a “large cancer”, but for me at this stage it’s the right decision.

Whilst seeing the consultant he told me my CT scan results which I had yesterday (fast turnaround!). At last some good news. All results are clear-no liver lungs, abdomen or pelvis involvement and the " boney cage from shoulders to pelvis is also clear" !!! So relieved I burst into tears on the spot and my OH asked him to repeat what he had said just because he was so relieved too and wanted to hear the good news again. I could actually see the weight lift off his shoulders! I now have a bone scan for Monday so fingers are still crossed xx

It’s funny -in the whole roller coaster ride it had completely slipped my mind that my first op had been cancelled due to a chest infection for which I had an x ray and which was also clear, and as the consultant reminded me today that that x ray would most likely have shown something then if there was a concern.

I also spoke with my gp today who has prescribed me tamazepam for 10 days. Having never taken a proper sleeping tablet in my life and not having slept for anymore than a 2 hour period in one go since dec, I am so looking forward to my bed tonight!! A good results day followed by hot milk and cinnamon and a tablet. Who would have thought this trio would have meant so much to me 3 months ago! :slight_smile: