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Just had an “all employees” email to say that a blood giving session is later this month. Don’t suppose they’ll be wanting mine.

Another thought - once diagnosed, should we tear up our organ donor cards??? I’ve been carrying mine around in my purse since God was a boy.

I suppose I could donate an old Stylophone…


Hi Dahlia

That is sooo funny but I feel that not everyone will know what a Stylophone is




lol…they banned me from giving blood years ago as i had a donation when i was little…which just happens to fall into the exclusion time limit by a week…so bless em they took me off the register. They kept sending me letters asking me to go give blood and kept phoning them to say…would love to…but your not allowed it cos of the exclusion dates…then got my dx…and they promptly stopped sending me letters after that lol. As for the organ donor thing, phoned them cos ive been on that for years as well and they took me off the database etc…and I know what a stylophone is lol.

hi all, just a quick q …are we not allowed to be a donor now because of the bc? on the donor list…caroleann

Hi all

You may like to check out the NHS organ donor website, it gives useful information which you may find of interest, just cut and paste the following link:

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Thank you, moderator. With all the discussion of organ donation in the news, it is good to know where we stand.

I keep receiving letters and phone calls from the Blood Donors. I repeatedly tell them I would love to give blood but I doubt they would want it. I explain the situation, they say they will remove me from their database and then… I get another begging letter or phone call…


I was told that after a cancer diagnosis you are no longer able to give blood or any organs. Before bc, i was also on the bone marrow registry as we were tested in school when one of our class mates was diagnosed with leukemia and we were all tested to see if we were a match for her. I had received an info update form in the mail from them and told them that i had been diagnosed with bc and they immediately took me off the organ donor registry as well as the bone marrow donor registry. They told me as they are still unsure if there are any remaining bc cells that are dormant lounging around in your body and they can’t take the chance of giving someone one of your organs and giving them cancer.
Hope this helps


Right, of course they wouldn’t even take the most neglibile of risks, that makes sense.


I emailed the transplant folk and below is their reply. Hope this helps!
Love Gill xx

Cancer is one of the diseases that can be passed from the donor to the recipient. The reason for this is that it is possible to transmit infections and other diseases from the donor to the recipient and this risk is made greater by the drugs taken by the transplant patient to stop their body rejecting the new organ. However, the risk that this will happen depends to some extent on the type of cancer, the treatment that has been received and the length of time since the disease was diagnosed and treated. In general, organs would not normally be used for transplants from people who have developed cancer a relatively short time before they died. Corneas, however, can always be used, as the risk of transmitting the disease with the cornea is virtually zero. When people have had successful treatment for cancer many years ago, organ donation may be more realistic.

In every case where someone is identified as a potential donor, specialist healthcare professionals, taking account of past and current medical history, will make a decision about whether some or all organs or tissues are suitable for transplant. Therefore, I see no reason why your name should not be on the Register.

Thanks Gill that is interesting so I could still donate corneas, better find my card if I haven’t ditched it.

I now have to carry a Mentor card, Mentor being the manufacturer of implants!

Perhaps we could all donate our bodies to science instead!


That is a good idea, my Father did that and my mother-in-law has done the paperwork. There are some rules around what condition you might be at time of death and the hospitals are not obliged to accept the body especially e.g. if you were bedridden for weeks before death.

Anyway, I’m sure a lot could be learned from our earthly remains. Perhaps we should start a thread and see what others think …


Re: giving blood speciaifically then I learned yesterday that they will not take blood from anyone who has had a transfusion. All to do with screening, CJD and so on. They will also not take blood from anyone known to have a genetic mutation for any disease e.g. Huntingdons or BRCA1.

So I’m still only good for my corneas, better than nowt.


Hi Dahlia, Methinks you should start the thread about donating our bodies to science. x

I was taken off the blood donor list in 2006 because I have an autoimmune disease but hadn’t thought about the organ register. I thought at least I could be useful when I died.